Delivery of stainless steel forged 630 plates for spinnerets of a large number of spray-dissolving machines

(HY-marketing departmentes)


Under the circumstance of the global new coronavirus epidemic, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd suddenly received a large number of 630 (17-4PH) orders, with a total number of 160 tons. Customers are domestic and foreign mask manufacturers. The machine spinneret is made of stainless steel forged 630 plates, aging treatment delivery, large quantity can be surface milled delivery, provide customers with reliable quality, sincere service, HY is willing to contribute to the fight against the global epidemic.

HY-industry is qualified  Nickelalloy&cobalt alloy materials supplier.

We have more than twenty years experience in kind of High temperature alloy production.

Inconel 718, Monel 400,Stellite 6,Stellite 12,Incoloy 800ht,Incoloy 901,Nimonic 80A,Kovar,Invar 36,Inconel 625,Hastelloy C276, Incoloy 825 are mature productes of us.

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