China conquers a new type of material, which may be used in the next six generations of fighters used instead of titanium alloys(HY-marketing departmentes)

  • United States has the most developed aerospace industry in the world and is also a leader in the development and application of high-performance materials. The Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy developed by the United States in the 1990s is still one of the titanium alloy materials with the highest strength and toughness. The F-22 fighter that entered service in 2005 was the world’s first fighter with a composite utilization ratio of more than 20%, and the latest F-35 not only refreshed this ratio to 31%, but also preempted a large number of applications. Carbon fiber/epoxy composite material with excellent comprehensive performance. At present, the United States is ready to start experimenting with the use of ultra-advanced SiCf/Ti composite materials to provide technical support and application experience for the development of its sixth-generation machine.

  • Sixth-generation J20 made heavy use of titanium alloyLooking back at China’s aviation industry, it was not until after the introduction of Su-27 that China began to contact with high-performance fuselage materials. In recent years, it has made a key breakthrough and developed the TC4-DT titanium alloys, which barely equals the US Ti-6Al-4V in performance. titanium alloy. It is rumored that the higher-strength 1100MPa grade titanium alloy has also been tested, but from the disclosed progress, it may take some time for the future mass production to be applied to the J-20 and the sixth generation fighter. In terms of high-performance composite materials, China’s achievements in recent years are not to be underestimated, but compared with the world’s first-class products T1000 carbon fiber/epoxy composite materials, there are still deficiencies, the fundamental reason is the limitations of equipment and processing environment.

  • Recently, however, the release of a news from the Chinese Academy of Sciences finally made the J-20’s “material disease” and the development of the sixth-generation machine finally have a plan. Recently, the scientific research team of the Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the T1000 polyacrylonitrile-based ultra-high-strength carbon fiber material developed by the scientific research team has passed the acceptance. The person in charge emphasized that the emergence of new materials not only reflects the progress of my country’s manufacturing and processing technology, but also hopes to break the long-term monopoly of the United States and Japan on this type of high-performance fiber materials. Considering the rapid progress of China’s titanium alloy materials, even if the United States and Japan are embargoed, the 1100MPa grade titanium alloy under development is expected to catch up with the mass production of the J-20 and the production of the sixth-generation machine. Under such circumstances, the capture of the T1000 high-performance carbon fiber material is of great significance to the development of stealth fighters in my country.

  • T1000 Carbon fiber/ Epoxy-Epoxy composite materials outperform titanium alloysBecause in the past, holding the idea of ​​”killing you while you are sick”, the special material manufacturing powers such as the United States and Japan have been seizing the embargo on China-related materials. Especially in Japan, its Toray’s T300, T800, and T1000 carbon fiber materials have always been internationally sought-after, and Kobe specialalloy products are also well-known overseas. However, since China Airlines has shown a tendency to accumulate, except for a few steel types that have been conquered by China, other materials have been included in the embargo list, especially the embargo of T1000 carbon fiber materials, which can be said to directly lead to the J-20 At present, the fighter can only temporarily choose the fundamental reason for the T800 carbon fiber material that is slightly inferior in strength and toughness.

  • Nowadays, China’s overcoming of this type of material not only surprised the United States and Japan that were embargoing, but also made these countries realize that trying to monopolize a certain technology will only eventually lead to this technology being overcome by China faster. In the future, the large-scale application of domestic T1000 carbon fiber will greatly increase the proportion of composite materials for the J-20’s subsequent mass production models, and will also greatly help the development of my country’s sixth-generation stealth fighters, hypersonic weapons, and Long March series rockets.

  • For example, the J-20 fighter currently has an empty weight of 17 tons, and the application rate of T800 composite materials is about 20%-24%, that is, the weight ratio of composite materials is about 3.5 tons-4.1 tons. However, after applying the T1000 composite material in the same proportion, the weight ratio of the composite material will be greatly reduced, and the J-20 fighter can also carry an extra ton of oil or a ton of weapons and ammunition. If the application rate of the T1000 composite material reaches The target is expected to be 29%, and the empty weight of the J-20 will even drop to about 15 tons, which shows the effect of T1000 carbon fiber material application to enhance performance.

  • As mentioned earlier, the capture of the T1000 carbon fiber material is also an advancement of China’s processing and manufacturing technology. The future flow of technology back to the manufacturing and processing of other products and weapons can also bring about significant changes. As we all know, the processing technology has always been one of the important reasons for limiting the quality of Chinese weapons. When China can manufacture T1000 carbon fiber materials that require extremely high processing technology, the improvement of the reliability and quality of other weapons will only be a matter of time.

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