Inconel is a nickel, iron and cobalt based alloy developed for applications where high mechanical and chemical properties are required at high temperatures. Commonly, Inconel718 is a precipitation hardened nickel-chromium alloy; the high nickel content of Inconel 600 gives the alloy a very strong resistance to chloride stress cracking and corrosion, and maintains its high corrosion resistance and alkali in the reduced state. It also has strong corrosion resistance in solution; InconelX-750 alloy is mainly nickel-based superalloy with γ, Ti, Nb) phase strengthening.
Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd has 22 years of production experience of inconel series products since it developed inconel718 for nuclear power in 1999. At present, most of the products in this series are manufactured according to ASTM and AMS requirements, including the strict Variable performance can meet the requirements

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