Turbine blades

Turbine blades are subjected to high temperature and high pressure steam, and they are subjected to large bending moments during operation. The moving blades in high speed operation are also subjected to high centrifugal force; the blades in the wet Yanqi area, especially the final stage, are subject to electrochemical Corrosion and water droplets impinge on moving blades are also subject to very complex exciting forces. Therefore, steel for blades should meet the following requirements:

  • Adequate room temperature, high temperature mechanical properties

  • High organizational stability

  • Adequate creep resistance

  • Good corrosion and erosion resistance

  • Anti-vibration damping capability

  • High performance

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of steam turbines parts, blowers, fans, turbines and industrial turbine blades. The company mainly provides all kinds of moving blades, stationary blades and impellers for throughflow equipment.Turbocharger, motor aluminum fan blades, steam seal rings, steam seals, steam flow guides and other products. The company can currently produce "T" type, "fork" type, "eucalyptus" type, " tenon " type and other leaf roots, the rotor blade steam passage length can be produced to 1000mm;Jingye has been produced with GE, RL, DZ, and other international brand companies. The length of the steam vane can be up to 1800mm. It can also produce various types of steam seals and steam seal rings of various casting or direct welding types within 4000mm diameter. The steam flow guides the partition. At present, there are more than 100 blade processing equipments; more than 20 auxiliary equipments.Among them, there are more than 20 large-scale numerical control equipments, such as vertical car, boring and milling, milling machine and automatic welding. It is used for raw material testing equipment and equipment for detecting flawed magnetic particles, measuring frequency, etc., and also has various testing instruments for special measuring instruments.

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