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Superalloy Product Center (Raw material product)

Through long-term technical accumulation, HY has capacity of steam turbine blades and aviation blades including Drop-forging, Hammer forging, Lost wax investment casting, etc.

HY has the manufacturing experience of various Stellite casting alloy which covers key valve parts, core parts of nuclear power plant,important parts of aviation,etc.

As the Kovar alloy becomes more versatile.HY timely launched copper cored kovar series of products, mainly supplies sealing plug, electrical vacuum components and other areas

Permalloy shield cover is HY’s first manufactured product, which is characterized by low cost and mature technology.Extensive exports to South America and Europe

Kovar alloy has compact oxide film, easy to weld and weld, has good plasticity and can be machined. HY actively expands the manufacturing of various special-shaped parts and exports seven batches of materials to Germany, India and Czech in 2017.

In the field of steam turbines, HY’s Turbine disk, Nozzle ring (Guide), Diffuser, and Blade (Moving Blade / Stationary Blade) already have a very complete series of products.

Cobalt-based welding wire, especially the stellite series, is a traditional superior product of HY-Industry. Its quality has reached the standards of world-renowned companies such as Kentecli and Hayness, occupying 60% of China’s high-end requirements, and is widely used in nuclear power aviation.

Cobalt-based alloy wear-resistant overlay welding, laser cladding, Powder metallurgy, HY invest huge amounts of research and development to meet new market demands

Product International Grade Contrast

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd
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Product International Grade Contrast
Inconel 600 GB NS312 UNS N06600 W.Nr 2.4816 BS NA14 AFNOR NC15FE JIS NCF600
Inconel 601 GB NS313 UNS N06601 W.Nr 2.4851 AFNOR NC23FeA
Inconel 617 UNS N06617 W.Nr 2.4663 AFNOR NC22KDA
Inconel 625 GB NS336 UNS N06625 W.Nr 2.4856 BS NA21 AFNOR NC22DNB JIS NCF625
Inconel 686 UNS N06686 W.Nr 2.4606
Inconel 690 GB NS315 UNS N06690 AFNOR NC30Fe
Inconel 718 GB GH4169 UNS N07718 W.Nr 2.4668 BS NA51 AFNOR NC19FeNb
Inconel 725 UNS N07725
Inconel 783 UNS R30783
Inconel X-750 GB GH4145 UNS N07750 W.Nr 2.4669 AFNOR NC15FeT JIS NCF750B
Incoloy 800 GB NS111 UNS N08800 W.Nr 1.4876 BS NA15 AFNOR Z8NC32.21 JIS NCF800B /JIS
Incoloy 800H GB NS112 UNS NO8810 W.Nr 1.4958 BS NA15 (H) AFNOR Z8NC33.21
Incoloy 800HT UNS N08811 W.Nr 1.4959 BS NA15 (HT)
Incoloy 825 GB NS142 UNS N08825 W.Nr 2.4858 BS NA16 AFNOR NC21FeDu JIS NCF825
Incoloy 901 UNS N09901 W.Nr 2.466
Incoloy 925 UNS N09925
Incoloy 926  UNS N08926 W.Nr 1.4529 AFNOR X1NiCrMoCu
Incoloy  A-286 GB GH2132 UNS S66286 W.Nr 1.498 AFNOR ZbNCT25 JIS SUH660
Hastelloy B GB NS321 UNS N10001
Hastelloy B-2 GB NS322 UNS N10665 W.Nr 2.4617 AFNOR NiMo28
Hastelloy C GB NS333/GB NS3303 UNS N06003 W.Nr 2.4819 BS NA45
Hastelloy C4 UNS N06455 AFNOR NC16D16M
Hastelloy C-22 UNS N06022 W.Nr 2.4602 AFNOR NU-30M
Hastelloy C276 GB NS334 UNS N10276 W.Nr 2.4819 BS NC17D AFNOR NiMo16Cr15
Hastelloy X GB GH3536/GB GH536 UNS N06002 W.Nr 2.4665 AFNOR NC22FeD
Monel 400 UNS N04400 W.Nr 2.436 BS NA 12 AFNOR Nu 30
Monel K-500 UNS N05500 AFNOR Nu30AT
Nickel 200 UNS N02200 W.Nr 2.406 AFNOR Ni01/AFNOR N-100M
Nickel 201 UNS N02201 W.Nr 2.4061 AFNOR Ni02
Nimonic 75 UNS N06075 W.Nr 2.4951 &W.Nr 2.4630 AFNOR NC20T
Nimonic 80A UNS N07080 W.Nr 2.4952 AFNOR NC20TA
 Nimonic 90 UNS N09901 W.Nr 2.4662
MP35N AMS 5844 UNS R30035 W.Nr 2.4999
Refractaloy 26 UNS R30188
Stellite 6 ASTM 5387C-2001 UNS R3006
Nickel 201
Alloy L605 UNS R30605
Haynes 188 GB GH5188 UNS R30188 W.Nr 2.4683
Waspaloy Alloy GB GH4738 UNS N07001 W.Nr 2.4654
ASTM Alloy31 UNS N08031 W.Nr 1.4562
Invar 36 GB 4J36 UNS K93600 W.Nr 1.3912 BS X1NiCrMoCu AFNOR Fe-Ni36
GB 4J29 ASTM F15 W.Nr 1.981 JIS EMAS-1001
Nickel 201
GB 3J53
GB 1J79 ASTM Alloy4
Nitronic 50 ASTM XM-19 UNS S20910 ID Fxm-19
Nitronic 60 ASTM Alloy218 UNS S21800
GB 05Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb ASTM 630/ASTM 17-4PH UNS S17400 W.Nr 1.4507 JIS SUS630
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