Top 5 Qualified Superalloy Material&Parts Supplier In China

Raw material product

Through long-term technical accumulation, HY has capacity of steam turbine blades and aviation blades including Drop-forging, Hammer forging, Lost wax investment casting, etc.

HY has the manufacturing experience of various Stellite casting alloy which covers key valve parts, core parts of nuclear power plant,important parts of aviation,etc.

As the Kovar alloy becomes more versatile.HY timely launched copper cored kovar series of products, mainly supplies sealing plug, electrical vacuum components and other areas

Permalloy shield cover is HY’s first manufactured product, which is characterized by low cost and mature technology.Extensive exports to South America and Europe

Kovar alloy has compact oxide film, easy to weld and weld, has good plasticity and can be machined. HY actively expands the manufacturing of various special-shaped parts and exports seven batches of materials to Germany, India and Czech in 2017.

In the field of steam turbines, HY’s Turbine disk, Nozzle ring (Guide), Diffuser, and Blade (Moving Blade / Stationary Blade) already have a very complete series of products.

Cobalt-based welding wire, especially the stellite series, is a traditional superior product of HY-Industry. Its quality has reached the standards of world-renowned companies such as Kentecli and Hayness, occupying 60% of China’s high-end requirements, and is widely used in nuclear power aviation.

Cobalt-based alloy wear-resistant overlay welding, laser cladding, Powder metallurgy, HY invest huge amounts of research and development to meet new market demands