Monel is a precipitation hardened nickel-copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, higher strength and hardness, and superior performance over other nickel-copper alloys. With the addition of titanium and aluminum, the Monel K500 has twice the tensile strength of the K400 alloy and three times the yield strength of the Monel 400 alloy. This high strength can be maintained up to 649 ° C, while the material is ductile and tough when the temperature is as low as -240 °. Another advantage of the K500 alloy is that it remains non-magnetic at temperatures as low as -129 °C. Therefore, Monel is an ideal material for applications with electronic devices or embedded electronic devices where the magnetic field is an interference factor, such as downhole equipment. Monel also has spark resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, and is resistant to a variety of chemical elements and marine environments such as salts, bases, acids, and non-oxidizing acids.

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