Cobalt alloy are alloys formed by adding other alloying elements to cobalt. Common cobalt alloys include platinum cobalt alloys, samarium cobalt alloys, zirconium cobalt alloys, tungsten cobalt alloys, and the like. Non-magnetic cobalt alloys have high strength and excellent corrosion resistance and have proven to be compatible with medical implants.
Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd has studied cobalt alloy materials for 20 years.Company has the production capacity of cobalt-based forgings, castings, welding wires, powders, surfacing electrodes, precision machining, welding services, surfacing equipment, etc. Products serve more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Products are widely used in nuclear power, military industry, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, automobiles, new energy, environmental protection, new medical materials, seawater desalination, general machinery and other high-end manufacturing equipment and core parts manufacturing fields . Among them, UNS R30006, UNS R30001, UNS R30012, UNS R30031, UNS R30021 series are more cost-effective than similar international companies.

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