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     military quality special alloy

    Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer for special alloy, that was started since year of 1998 ,We have prived High quality alloy solutions and High cost performance&quality to client.
    HY-Industry has advanced equipment for special smelting, investment casting, pipe making and other equipment, and has established a full industrial chain production process of special smelting, forging, hot rolling, rolling and casting, and can independently produce high-temperature alloys and precision Alloys, special stainless steels, high-resistance electric heating alloys and other high-performance special alloy materials, and through cold and hot processing processes, have formed a relatively complete product structure such as bars, wires, strips, pipes, and castings. It is a super company that can batch Enterprises that produce deformed superalloys and cast superalloys (master alloys, precision castings) products.HY-Industry relies on reliable product quality and leading technical strength that has accumulated a wealth of high-quality customer resources in the military and high-end civilian fields. At the same time, the company continues to improve product quality and optimize product structure, and on this basis, actively invest in the research and development of the industry's cutting-edge technology and the improvement of process equipment, participate in the development of new technologies for customers, thereby forming a virtuous circle and continuously promoting the company's growth.

    Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd welcomes new and old customers to visit and guide our factory. We will be recognized by everyone with our high-quality service.