Vertical continuous casting technology

Superalloy’s vertical continuous casting technology.(HY-industry technical centre)


The continuous casting technology originally used a vertical continuous casting machine, which is an important part of the production of steel ingots, which can greatly save operating costs. The arc-shaped continuous casting machine is an improved new type of continuous casting machine. Because it can further save downstream production costs, it plays an increasingly important role. However, when special steel grades are produced and the quality requirements are extremely high, steel ingots and vertical continuous casting routes are retained and are still the preferred solution today. Preventing bending and reducing straightening force, high cleanliness, and the production of slabs or square billets are uniform and homogeneous. These are the outstanding features of vertical continuous casting technology.

It is very difficult to cast a series of high-critical alloy steels on a traditional arc continuous casting machine, because these materials are very strong and are very sensitive to cracks, which means that these materials are bent and straightened in the continuous casting machine The straight area cannot be easily bent from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction. In order to ensure that it can meet the most stringent quality requirements and the continuous development of new steel grades, HY-Industry has retained a single-flow vertical slab continuous casting machine with an annual output of 270,000 tons. The continuous casting machine can continuously cast a wide and highly specialized product range, including super alloy and ultra-high-alloy carbon steel, special steel and stainless steel. The body of this continuous casting machine is 40 meters high and the metallurgical length is 13.6 meters. The thickness of the slab is 150 and 200 mm, and the width is 600 to 1,300 mm. Depending on the steel grade and the thickness to be poured, the pulling speed varies between 0.7 and 1.3 m / min.

This unique continuous casting machine uses the following advanced process technology package and special design to ensure that the equipment can operate reliably and produce high-quality slabs:
Butterfly big-bag turntable with independent lifting arm and big-bag weighing device; semi-gantry-type intermediate tanker with grooved middle bag and SEN stop rod system; with Mold Expert system, LevCon crystallizer level control system and soft clamp Smart Mold with compact system; narrow-sided copper plate DiaFace design, low friction in the mold and uniform heat dissipation; DynaFlex hydraulic vibrating table with adjustable stroke, frequency and waveform online; intelligent vertical frame and light pressure with dynamic roll gap Intelligent sector of the lower system (DynaGap Soft Reduction); rotating roller; DynaJet cooling nozzle; rigid ingot bar with bottom feed system; Dynacs dynamic secondary cooling model; flame cutting machine; level 1 and level 2 system; sector Replacement system; tilting roller table; blank-drawing device, etc.

Typical steel types that can be cast by this continuous casting machine include: nickel-based alloys (Incoloy800H, GH3030, GH140,Nimonic 80A); precision alloys (HFNi36, 4J29, 1J50); special stainless steel; wear-resistant steel (20Cr5Cu, etc.); heat-resistant steel (1Cr6Si2Mo, etc.) ; Low magnetic steel (20Mn23AlV, etc.); tool steel, die steel (T8, T10); structural steel (35CrMo, 42CrMo, 50CrV, etc.).
Vertical continuous casting machines can cast almost all types of steel, especially those that cannot be cast on arc continuous casting machines. These special steel grades require the continuous casting machine to have better flexibility. Through continuous improvement and continuous upgrade of modern process technology, the application of vertical continuous casting technology can be extended to more steel types and product cross-section specifications, and can improve product quality and production efficiency.

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