NIMONIC 263 bar

NIMONIC 263 nickel-based high-temperature alloy properties (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

NIMONIC 263 alloy is an age-hardenable Ni-Co-Cr-Mo alloy designed to combine excellent age strength properties with excellent manufacturing characteristics in the annealed condition. While its strength at high temperatures is not as high as Waspaloy or R-41, it is easier to form or weld than these alloys. 2.4650 alloy exhibits excellent mid-temperature tensile ductility and is generally unaffected by the strain-age cracking issues common with gamma-strengthened alloys.

This alloy is a candidate material for advanced ultra-supercritical units. It has structural stability and is an age-strengthened cobalt-nickel-based deformed high-temperature alloy. It contains a relatively high amount of cobalt and a variety of strengthening elements. The alloy has a high resistance at 815 to 870°C. Tensile strength and creep resistance, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength under repeated alternating effects of cold and heat, and good formability and weldability. Used in turbine engine turbine discs, blades, high-temperature fasteners, clamps, sealing rings and elastic components, etc.

NIMONIC 263 alloy is a nickel-chromium-cobalt alloy that has been precipitation hardened and has molybdenum added for solid solution strengthening. NIMONIC 263 alloy not only has high strength and corrosion resistance, but also shows good formability and high temperature ductility in welded structures.

Application areas:

The alloy is prone to internal cracks during forging, allowing heavy hammer blows. The charging temperature of steel ingots should not be higher than 700°C. The low-temperature area should be preheated for 20-30 minutes. The final heating temperature should be 1150°C-1180°C. The opening forging temperature should not be lower than 1050°C, and the final forging temperature should not be lower than 950°C. 2. The average grain size of the alloy is closely related to the deformation degree and final forging temperature of the forging.

NIMONIC 263 alloy combines properties suitable for a variety of manufacturing applications in aerospace turbine engines and industrial turbine applications. These include cryogenic burners, conversion liners and some annular components

  • Pressure vessels, high-pressure storage tanks, high-pressure pipelines, heat exchangers (chemical processing industry).​

  • Oil and gas pipelines, heat exchanger fittings.​

  • Wastewater treatment system.​

  • Classifiers, bleaching equipment, storage and handling systems for the pulp and paper industry.​

  • Rotary shafts, press rollers, blades, impellers, etc. in high-strength and corrosion-resistant environments.​

  • Ship or truck cargo box

  • food processing equipment

Nimonic 263 chemical component: 











Nimonic 263



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Nimonic 263

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