HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800)


Tribaloy T-800 is a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy that can prevent the wear of smooth and flat surfaces. The microstructure of Tribaloy T-800 contains about 50% of the hard metal compound, and the Laves phase is dispersed on a soft cobalt-based alloy matrix, which provides the alloy with the best wear resistance. The high content of molybdenum and chromium provides conditions for the formation of the Laves phase and also brings high corrosion resistance. The Laves phase itself has a melting point of 2840°F, allowing Tribaloy T-800 to maintain its wear resistance at high temperatures. The precipitation hardness is RC54-62.




    HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800)

    HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800) is a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy which inhibits galling between sliding surfaces where lubrication is difficult. The microstructure of HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800) consists of about 50% of the hard intermetallic Laves phase dispersed in a softer cobalt alloy matrix. This provides the material with exceptional metal to metal wear bearing properties. The high levels of molybdenum and chromium present favors the formation of the high hardness Laves phase and also provides a high level of corrosion resistance. The Laves phase itself has a 2840°F melting point, which helps HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800) retain its wear resistance to high temperatures. Deposit hardness is in the range of Rockwell C 54-62. Wire diameters 0.035″, 0.045″ and 0.062″ are available as straight cut lengths 17″ standard. Shapes are available per customer requirements.

    HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800) Chemical Composition (%):

    Cr Ni+Fe Mo Co C N O Si P S
    MIN 16.5 27 3
    MAX 18.5 3 30 Balance 0.08 0.07 0.05 3.8 0.03 0.03

    HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800) Physical Properties:

    • Density: 0.312 lb/in3

    • Thermal Expansion: 6.8 in/in°F x 10- 6

    HY T-800 (TribaloyT-800) Mechanical Properties:

    Ultimate Compressive Strength, ksi 258
    Modulus of Elasticity Dynamic, psi x 10 -6
    Fracture Toughness ksi Öin


    Hot Hardness
    Temperature, °F 800 1000 1200 1400
    Rockwell C 48.5 31.0 58.0 56.5

    HY T-800 (TribaloyT-800) material standard:

    • GE B50TF193S6, DMR 34.071, B50TF193

    HY T-800 (TribaloyT-800) features:

    • HY T-800 (TribaloyT-800) is designed for the highest possible service temperature in the alloy family, with operating capability nominally in 1800F / 1000C range for certain environments. T-800 replaces an additional 10% of the Co content of T-400 with Cr, conferring added protection against oxidation at the expense of some of the workability afforded by high Co content.

    • low friction coefficient

    HY T-800 (Tribaloy T-800) application:

    • wear-resistant surfacing on turbine blades of aircraft engines

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