MONEL K-500 alloy bar

Monel k-500 (UNS N05500) (Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd-marketing department)

MONEL K-500 alloy barMONEL K-500 (UNS N05500 / W.Nr. 2.4375) is a nickel-copper alloy that combines the excellent corrosion resistance of MONEL 400 alloy with the additional advantages of higher strength and hardness.

By adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper matrix and heating under controlled conditions, the sub-microscopic particles of Ni3 (Ti, Al) can be precipitated in the entire matrix to obtain higher performance. The heat treatment used to achieve precipitation is commonly referred to as age hardening or aging.

Typical applications of MONEL K-500 alloy products are chains and cables, fasteners and springs used in marine services; pumps and valve components used in chemical processing; scrapers and scrapers used in pulp processing in papermaking; oil well drill collars and Instruments, pump shafts and impellers, non-magnetic housings, safety lifts and valves for oil and gas production; as well as sensors and other electronic components.

A particularly useful property of this alloy is that it is actually non-magnetic, even at relatively low temperatures. However, it is possible to form a magnetic layer on the surface of the material during processing. Aluminum and copper may be selectively oxidized during heating, leaving a magnetic nickel-rich film on the outside of the workpiece. This effect is particularly pronounced on thin wires or tapes because of their high surface area to weight ratio. The magnetic film can be removed by pickling or bright pickling to restore the non-magnetic properties of the material.

Combination of low permeability, high strength and good corrosion resistance has been used in many applications, especially oil well measuring equipment and electronic components.

MONEL K-500 alloy has been found to have very good dimensional stability in both long-term exposure testing and cyclic testing. This characteristic of the alloy makes it useful for high-precision equipment, such as gyroscopes. Age hardening causes initial volume shrinkage. The annealing bar shrinks by 2.5 x 10-4 inches per inch during the aging process.

Mechanical behavior

The low temperature performance of MONEL K-500 alloy is excellent. Tensile strength and yield strength increase with decreasing temperature, while ductility and toughness are hardly affected. Even when the temperature of liquid hydrogen is low, the ductile-brittle transition will not occur. Therefore, the alloy is suitable for many low temperature applications.

The characteristics of MONEL K-500 alloy base metal and welded plate at temperatures as low as -423°F. If the aging treatment is performed after welding the annealed material, the weld can have the strength of the age-hardened base material without serious loss of ductility. Since the ductility will be greatly reduced, the age-hardening of the welding materials should be avoided.

Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of MONEL K-500 alloy is basically the same as that of alloy 400, but under age hardening conditions, alloy K-500 is more prone to stress corrosion cracking in certain environments.

It has been found that MONEL K-500 alloy can withstand acid gas environments. After 6 days of continuous immersion in saturated (3500 ppm) hydrogen sulfide solution at acidic and alkaline pH values (ranging from 1.0 to 11.0), the U-shaped bending specimens of the age-hardened plates did not show cracks. The hardness of the specimens ranges from 28 to 40 Rc.

The combination of extremely low corrosion rate and high strength of K-500 alloy in high-speed seawater is particularly suitable for centrifugal pump shafts in marine service. In stagnant or slow-moving seawater, fouling may occur, followed by pitting corrosion, but this pitting corrosion slows down after a fairly fast initial corrosion phase.

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