Alloy K500 bar

Alloy K500 bar/copper-nickel alloy aging polished rod(Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd-marketing department)Alloy K500 bar

Alloy K500 is a precipitation hardening copper-nickel alloy. This material has corrosion resistance comparable to Alloy 400, but has higher mechanical strength and hardness. It has good thermal corrosion resistance and long-term structural stability. Mainly used to manufacture turbine blades and gas turbine blades on aero engines whose working temperature is below 750℃; used to manufacture fasteners and springs on ships; pump and valve parts on chemical equipment; scraper blades on papermaking equipment , Impeller, conveyor scraper, oil drill ring, strong parts, valve parts and so on.
The bar production standard is ASTM B865. After solution and aging, the strength reaches more than 895MPA, and the elongation is greater than 20%. The smelting adopts VIM+ESR electroslag treatment, and the smelting raw materials use new raw materials.

Alloy K500 is difficult to produce due to its high copper content, so it has very strict temperature control for forged and rolled steel, and its yield rate is relatively low. The 28 tons of Alloy K500 bar produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd this time is used for shaft parts, with a diameter of 45mm, a length of 4200mm, and a tolerance requirement of +0/-0.03mm. The production is difficult and the quantity is large. Few manufacturers who can produce large-size polishing rods of this kind of material, after overcoming all the difficulties in production, guarantee quality and quantity and deliver them to customers as required.

The product undergoes a third-party TUV test after the heat treatment flaw detection and self-inspection, and the test results meet the product standard requirements.

TUV component detection

Alloy K500 bar:TUV component detection

TUV mechanical performance testing

Alloy K500 bar:TUV mechanical performance testing

Alloy K500 production specifications

Alloy K500 bar production specifications

Currently Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd can produce Alloy K500 forgings (rings, flanges, sleeves, cakes, shafts), bright rods (6mm-300 mm), polished rods (6-50mm) and other products, according to customers Solid solution or aging treatment is required, and various mechanical products can also be processed according to customer requirements.

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