soft magnetic alloy ( 1J31 strip )

1J50 soft magnetic alloy material and application field introduction (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Overview of 1J50 iron-nickel alloy

Soft magnetic materials include iron and magnetic steel, iron-nickel alloy, iron-cobalt alloy. Magnetic iron-nickel alloys are generally known as permalloys. 50% nickel permalloys (1J50) are important for their high magnetic flux density and their high responsiveness to magnetic field heat treatment. 1J50 soft magnetic materials are mainly used in the manufacture of stators and rotors of generators and motors; iron cores of transformers and inductors; magnetic heads and magnetic media for magnetic recording; magnetic shielding; magnetic conductors for magnetic circuits, etc.

Chemical composition of 1J50 soft magnetic alloy

Annealing Process of 1J50 Soft Magnetic Alloy

Through a series of process tests on the 1J50 soft magnetic alloy specimens, the 1J50 soft magnetic alloy is vacuum annealed with a working vacuum degree (3 ~ 7) × 10 – 3 Pa, 150 ℃ / h down to 600 ℃ inflated rapid cooling process Better magnetic properties can be obtained. Combined with the special process equipment of the parts, the surface quality, magnetic performance index, and tolerance requirements of the outer dimensions of the treated parts can all meet the product use requirements. With the application of vacuum annealing treatment of 1J50 softmagnetic alloy in production, the stability of product quality can be improved, the production cycle of bright annealing of products can be reduced, and the manufacturing cost of products can be saved.

Soft magnetic alloy series introduction

Soft magnetic alloy is one of the most important metal functional materials, 1J22 softmagnetic alloy used in China in aviation, aerospace, navigation, launch vehicle, artificial satellite and national defense and military fields.

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. has been researching softmagnetic alloy series products for more than ten years. It has the characteristics of complete product variety, high quality and high customer satisfaction. The following are our regular monthly cycle production products:

1J50: It is an alloy with high magnetic induction and permeability, mainly used in various transformers, relays, electromagnetic clutch cores, etc. working in medium magnetic fields.

1J85: It is an alloy with high initial magnetic permeability, mainly used in various transformers, transformers, magnetic amplifiers, choke coil cores and magnetic shields that work in weak magnetic fields.

1J22: It is an alloy with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, which has high Curie point, high magnetic permeability and low coercive force. It is suitable for manufacturing components that require small size and light weight. 1J22 alloy is mainly used in Missile power transformer and airborne radar transformer electromagnet pole head, end welded tube in magnetron, telephone earphone diaphragm, torque motor rotor, magnetostrictive transducer core, etc. It also has extremely important uses in navigation, launch vehicles, artificial satellites, and national defense and military fields.

Soft magnetic alloys, especially iron-nickel soft magnetic alloys 1J 50 and 1J 85, which are widely used and in large quantities, and more important varieties such as 1J 22, which are used in key components such as aerospace and rockets, are vigorously organized by various countries. In-depth research to improve performance, develop new varieties, and expand the scope of application.

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