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Superalloy MP35N (UNS R30035)details(HY industry- Technical Center internal data)


MP35N (UNS R30035)

UNS R30035 is a high-temperature alloy for use of fasteners developed by SPS Technologies (precision casting company), a famous us manufacturer of space shuttle fasteners.The alloy is magnetic cobalt nickel chromium molybdenum alloy, has a unique combination of performance, including 300 ksi (2068 mpa) strength, good ductility and toughness, and excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant capacity up to 400 ℃, the whole and titanium alloys are similar.The following HY introduces the mechanism, chemical composition, characteristics, performance and application of MP35N alloy.


MP35N(UNS R30035) alloy mechanism

  • The performance of UNS R30035 was achieved by processing hardening, martensitic transformation and aging treatment.Through the cold processing, a part of the matrix produces a solid phase transition from the center cube (FCC) crystal structure to the HCP structure.This shift occurs because of the high content of cobalt in the alloy and is known as a “multiphase reaction.”The presence of two different crystal structures blocks the movement of dislocations and leads to marked intensification.Subsequent aging hardening stabilizes these two stages through the solute distribution process, helping to strengthen them further.

MP35N Material properties

MP35N/UNS R30035 alloy features

  • High strength, excellent ductility and toughness.

  • The extender fastener alloy is the most resistant to corrosion and is resistant to most mineral acids, hydrogen sulfide, seawater and salt mist environments. It is highly resistant to stress corrosion, crevice corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.

  • the highest working temperature is 400 ℃.

  • Is corrosion – resistant fastener material of the highest fatigue strength.

  • The shearing strength of the Max. 1000MPa is the highest among corrosion-resistant fasteners.

The standard and brand, chemical composition and physical properties of UNS R30035 alloy are as follows:

MP35N Material composition and standard


MP35N/UNS R30035 alloy applications

  • UNS R30035 alloy is used for fasteners, springs, non-magnetic components and instrumentation in aerospace, medical, sea water, oil and gas Wells, chemical and food processing environments.


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