UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) Cold rolled coil

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd achieves breakthrough in research and development of nickel-based alloy UNS N08825 (HY-industry technical centre)

Recently, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd achieved a breakthrough in the research and development of nickel-based alloys, and successfully trial-produced UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) alloy thin coil products with a width of 1000mm-1219mm. The successful development of this product indicates that our company has basically achieved full coverage of 800 series nickel-based alloy coil products.

The high-grade titanium stabilized nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) has excellent acid and alkali metal corrosion resistance under oxidation and reduction environments. It is used in key equipment (heat exchangers, heat exchangers, It is widely used in acid pipes, etc., and is the material of choice under harsh environmental conditions.

UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) Cold rolled coilWith the rapid economic development and tremendous changes in the international trade situation, the domestic nickel-based alloy market demand is rapidly increasing, and the call for localization is becoming more and more urgent. In order to improve the market competitiveness of China’s nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys, realize the localization of materials as soon as possible, and break the technological monopoly of foreign companies, the nickel-based alloy R&D team of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd keeps an eye on the cutting-edge technology of the industry and is facing the pressure of production risks. Under extremely challenging conditions, we boldly innovated the process and strictly controlled the production process. After more than two years of continuous attempts, we have successively overcome technical difficulties such as smelting, rolling, annealing and pickling, and performance control. A round of field test tracking, evaluation and improvement, and gradually explored a complete set of key production technology systems and application technology systems. Compared with a series of bottlenecks caused by the long production cycle and extremely high production cost of the traditional process, the new production process has a production cycle. Absolute advantage of short, low manufacturing cost.

At the beginning of 2021, in response to the needs of relevant users for UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) alloy thin-gauge coils, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. R&D personnel combined with site conditions to carefully formulate R&D plans, organize and implement them carefully, and adopt internationally advanced continuous casting smelting. The process technology successfully trial-produced the UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) coil product with a width of 1000mm-1219mm. The successful trial production of this product not only carried out a breakthrough innovation in the production process, but also promoted the progress of the domestic steel process technology level.

UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) Billet SteelIt is reported that relevant international research institutions have carried out trial production of a series of continuous casting process of UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) alloy as early as the end of last century. Due to the extremely difficult technology of this process, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of coils. At present, there are only a few in the world. The company can achieve stable supply, and the quality and performance of the coil products currently trial-produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd fully meet the user requirements. The follow-up will work with related domestic manufacturing companies and institutions to further promote UNS N08825 (INCOLOY 825) Localized application of alloys in high-end fields.

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