Without him, Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket couldn’t be on the sky~  ( Hastelloy )

  • Elon Musk is a business genius, and Tesla Electric and SpaceX’s recyclable carrier rockets have frequently appeared on the front pages of major online media. Even the media compared him to the contemporary Nikola Tesla (the founder of the modern AC system).

  • Musk is a technical businessman who has a dream and is brave enough to break the traditional research institutions. He has widely spread many advanced technologies and technologies in the direction of technical marketing, making it easier for ordinary people to accept and understand, thus promoting the development of their own business research and sales.

  • It is undeniable that Musk is a rare technical marketing wizard at the beginning of the 21st century, but his achievements are mainly in business operations. It is not appropriate to be compared with the father of electromagnetism. Without the super-alloy series developed by the predecessors (such as Hastelloy ), Musk’s SpaceX rocket could not even be fired, and his predecessor, the father of Hastelloy, Aiwood Haines was one. The real legend.

Father of Hastelloy

The legendary life of Elwood Haynes






Father of Hastelloy


  • October 14, 1857

    The father of Hastelloy , Aywood Haynes was born in Portland, Indiana, USA, and he is the fifth of a family of 10 children.

    Haines’ grandfather, Henry Haynes, is a gunsmith who is said to have enrolled Haines’ knowledge of metallurgy.

    Haines showed interest in chemistry and metallurgy very early. At the age of 15, with the help of his grandfather, he invented a blast furnace device that successfully melted brass, cast iron and high carbon steel. This was an amazing achievement at the time.Father of Hastelloy

Note: Haines’ early experiments and research directions were about the basic properties of matter and the creation of new alloys through the mixing of compounds. But his parents often criticized him for his lack of ambition and insisted that he should find a job to make a living…

  • 1876 ​​(19 years old)

           When Portland’s first public school was formally established, Haines returned to school at the age of 19 and completed his two years of secondary school.

  • 1878 (21 years old)

    Haines received an admission notice from the Institute of Free Industrial Science in Worcestershire, Massachusetts. His graduation thesis was titled “The Effect of Tungsten in Iron and Steel,” which was a very leading metallurgical study at the time. Question.

After graduating from college, Haines returned to Portland to become a faculty member and later became the principal of Portland High School.

  • 1884 (27 years old)

    He resigned as principal and traveled to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore for postgraduate studies in chemistry, biology, and German.

  • 1885 (28 years old)

This year, Haines’s mother died. He left the university without completing his second year of study and was hired as the director of the newly established Eastern Indiana Teacher and Business School Chemistry Department (now Ball State University).

  • 1886 (29 years old)

    With the discovery of natural gas near Portland, Haines resigned as a director and became the head of Portland Gas and Oil.

  • 1890 (33 years old)

    Haines was appointed regional director of Greentown’s Chicago-based Indiana Gas Company, and the company’s board found that “Aiwood. Haines is the state’s most knowledgeable person of natural gas.”

During his tenure, Haines not only discovered how to dry pipeline pipelines and prevent pipeline pipeline freezing, but also created an innovative concept of “horseless horse-free carriage” and prepared drawings for this concept.

  • 1891 (34 years old)

    Haines began planning to build a “vehicle-driven vehicle on the road,” but he immediately realized that the device he invented was too dangerous and suspended the plan.

  • 1892 (35 years old)

    Haines and his family moved to Kokomo and served as the plant manager for the gas company.

  • 1893 (36 years old)

    Haines participated in the Chicago World’s Fair, where he saw a gasoline-powered engine. He then purchased a single-cylinder-horsepower engine and installed it on his own four-wheeled carriage built in the kitchen.

    After the initial trial failed, Haines decided to set up a team to develop and succeed.

    Haines (1894) sitting in his own first carFather of Hastelloy

  • July 4, 1894 (37 years old)

    The car that Haines called the “Pioneer” opened its first road test. Under the control of Haines, the vehicle traveled about 6 miles at 7-8 miles per hour. This achievement was among the best in the United States at the time.

  • 1898 (41 years old)

    Haines and the Ampson brothers founded a company called Haynes-Apperson Automobile and started producing cars.

    The cars they produce are known for their long-distance driving capabilities and often participate in rally and win awards.However, due to disagreement, the Ampson brothers terminated their cooperation with Haines and established their own company in 1902. Haines was forced to resign from the work of the gas company and put more energy into his car company.

  • 1905 (48 years old)

    Haines renamed the company the Haynes Automobile Company, and he continued to optimize his car for mechanics and metallurgy and obtained eight patents.In the process of Haines’s enthusiasm for improving automotive products, Hastelloy has also been on the stage of history.

    Later generations think that compared to inventions in the automotive field

    The new alloy invented by Haines has made a greater contribution to mankind

    In the search for a corrosion-resistant alloy suitable for the spark plug contact point, Haines discovered a cobalt-based alloy that was later patented and named STELLITE.
    The name is taken from the Latin letter “stella” of “Star”, which is as bright as a star and does not rust.

  • 1912 (55 years old)

    In order to produce STELLITE alloys, Aiwood Haynes established the Haines Tungsten Cobalt and Cobalt Plant and the well-known Haynes Stellite Works.

  • 1915 (58 years old)

    Haines and two other local businessmen, Richard Ruder and James C. Patten, founded the Haynes Stellite Company.The initial orders for STELLITE alloys (including Stellite20, Stellite 6, Stellite 1,Stellite12, Stellite 31) are mainly from the machine tools, dental equipment and tableware industries. During the First World War, the company received a large number of government orders, mainly for aircraft engines and field hospital scalpels.

  • 1920 (63 years old)

    Aiwood Haines sold the shares of Hartz Tungsten Cobalt to Union Carbide and returned to his own car company.

  • 1924 (67 years old)

    During the economic downturn in the United States, Haines’s car sales declined and competition became more intense. Haines’s car company declared bankruptcy and he was forced to pay off his assets in 1925.

    In the same year, at the New York Auto Show, he joined the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce. He and the Epson brothers, as well as other pioneers in the automotive industry, were awarded gold medals in recognition of their great contributions to the American automotive industry.

    On the way back to Haines, he developed the flu and his health deteriorated rapidly.

  • April 13, 1925 (68 years old)

    In the home of Kokomo, Aiwood Haines is suffering from heart failure. During the funeral, all Kokomo City commercial facilities mourned for one hour of shutdown.

    As an outstanding metallurgist and pioneer in the automotive industry, Aiwood Haines is still commemorated.On the way back to Haines, he developed the flu and his health deteriorated rapidly.

  • postscriptLearning desire and execution have made Haines

    The metallurgists of Haines’s era, whose work was not just basic research, but the ultimate goal was to improve and simplify everyday life by creating products—whether it’s natural gas transmission equipment, cars, or Super alloy for aircraft engines.

    Throughout the life experience of Haines, you can find that whether it is a teacher, a principal, a company executive, or a company, Haines has never had anything to stop his learning and research, or perhaps a strong knowledge. Desire and efficient execution ability is the secret of his “life open”.

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