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Multipurpose Strategic Metal Element: Cobalt.(HY-industry technical centre)

How good is a cobaltalloy steel cutter?

  • Adding cobalt to steel can improve its durability and hardness at higher temperatures, reduce the decrease of the hardness of austenite and ferrite under increasing temperature, and prevent the surface protective layer of steel from falling So as to strengthen the blade.

  • Cobalt is not a hard alloy. However, the higher hardness that can be obtained by adding Co to alloy steel makes the tools made of cobaltalloy steel work at high temperatures and maintain its cutting ability.

  • Cobalt has high work hardening sensitivity. After combining with the carbide part, the tool has high corrosion resistance and strong wear resistance.

  • Cobalt will hardly appear in alloy steel, the cost is high, the manufacturing process is complicated, and it is highly specialized. Similar to Ni because it forms a complete series of solid solutions with iron at elevated temperatures and is also very soluble in ferrite. It is an effective ferrite enhancer; this solid solution strengthening continues to quite high temperatures, so Co is also used in several grades of high-speed tool steels, etc.

Generally, cobalt-containing high-speed steel is added with 5% -8% cobalt on the basis of general high-speed steel, so the hardness and heat resistance of the steel are significantly improved, the toughness is good, and the application is widely.

Cobalt at high temperaturesSo in general, tool steel containing a certain amount of cobalt can significantly improve the wear resistance and cutting performance of steel. Cobalt combines the carbide grains of other metals in the alloy composition to make the alloy more tough and reduce impact on the alloy. The sensitive properties of this alloy are welded to the surface of the part, which can increase the life of the part by 3-7 times.

In addition, Stellite cemented carbide (a tungsten-chromium-cobaltalloy) containing more than 50% of cobalt will not lose its original hardness even when heated to 1000 ° C.

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