HY-industry successfully forged the NiMonic80A 150mm square billet for the first time.(HY-technical centre)

Recently, the HY-industry forging steel workshop sent a good news: HY-industry Forging Steel No. 2 workshop successfully used the existing tooling equipment to successfully produce NiMonic80A 150mm square billet for Jiangnan Shipyard, completely solving the problem of NiMonic80A blanking, and also renewed The new look of the old workshop.

NiMonic80A 150mm square billetNiMonic80A is a nickel-based superalloy. The process characteristics of the steel are high in final forging temperature and narrow in forge temperature range. Secondly, it has large deformation resistance, high hardness and easy cracking. It belongs to high-end valve steel. The original production process requires multiple blanks of 150*150mm billet, and the blanking process takes a long time, the energy consumption is large and the product quality is not easy to guarantee. The production was jointly planned and produced by the technical quality department of the forging steel workshop and the technical department of the workshop. After preliminary demonstration and careful process planning, the NiMonic80A 150mm billet was forged using a 16MN precision forging machine 150 hammer. The technical quality department of the forged steel workshop and the technical department of the workshop worked together and guided the production. In order to prevent the temperature drop from being too fast, the timely insulation of the insulation cotton after the release ensured the smooth production. This trial production of 4 open billets, the first pass rate of 100%.

NiMonic80A 150mm square billet smeltingThe successful production of the high-temperature alloy 150mm billet greatly improved the production efficiency of HY products and provided support for HY products on time and quality. To build a solid foundation for the subsequent production of high-temperature alloy products for forging steel plants in the process, tools, equipment, operations and other aspects to build a large number of useful data.


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We have more than twenty years experience in kind of High temperature alloy production.Nimonic series alloy is a mature product successfully debugged by our technical team after five years.

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