Alloys for the Power Generation

Alloys for the Power Generation

The power industry is a critical industry and it is important that the materials used to manufacture equipment and plants can meet the most demanding environmental tasks.

The power generation industry requires materials that can withstand the most demanding environments. The materials selected must be able to handle harsh conditions, including high temperatures and a wide range of corrosive media, while maintaining their service strength.

Power generation applications include nuclear power plants, wind and tidal power systems, waste-to-energy boilers and coal-fired generators. In this use, engineers and designers must choose alloys that can last a long time under difficult conditions because repair costs can be high. Materials that are long-lasting and do not show signs of weakness or corrosion are cost-effective in the long run.

An article in New Scientist explores the need to find and use materials to make nuclear power plants stronger. It recommends using high-tech alloys to withstand the effects of radiation and conducting experiments on various alloy combinations to determine their effectiveness. This study focuses on modern high-entropy alloys and is a good indication of where future alloys may be headed in nuclear energy.

At the same time, a large number of high-temperature alloys on the market have been used in power generation.

For example, the popular INCONEL625 alloy is known for its ability to maintain strength under extreme conditions due to its excellent mechanical properties and outstanding corrosion resistance. It is a solid solution alloy of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and niobium, a combination that distorts the alloy’s atomic matrix and gives the alloy exceptionally high strength. Due to its ability to withstand the effects of extremely high temperatures, its applications include reactor cores and control rod assemblies in nuclear water reactors.

INCONEL617 alloy is a precise mixture of nickel, chromium, cobalt and molybdenum, giving the alloy very high strength and stability at high temperatures and maintaining good corrosion resistance. Due to these attractive properties, it is widely used in various components of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. As the alloy develops, it has emerged as a possible candidate for the latest generation of ultra-supercritical boiler tubes.

INCOLOY Alloy Series (a nickel-poor version of the INCONEL series that provides a balance between cost and performance, INCOLOY800 alloy provides a reliable choice for steam power plants. This iron, nickel, and chromium alloy has good oxidation resistance at moderate temperatures and carburization resistance, its applications also include heat exchangers in the power generation industry.

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