nickel-based alloy powder

What are the classifications of nickel-based alloy powders? (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

The classification of nickel-based alloy powders have the following points.

  1. nickel-chromium alloy thermal spray powder: there are more types of this thermal spray powder, such as nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy, which is made by adding 20% of chromium to nickel. The nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy hardly oxidizes at high temperatures, and is a typical coating material for heat, corrosion and high-temperature oxidation resistance. The coating is dense and has good bonding properties with the base metal, and is a transition layer material between the coating and the base of ceramics, soft metals and other materials, which can increase the ability of the base to prevent high temperature gas erosion and improve the bonding strength of the coating and the base material.

  2. nickel-chromium-iron alloy thermal spray powder: this kind of thermal spray powder is added to nickel-chromium appropriate iron, its high-temperature oxidation resistance than nickel-chromium alloy is slightly worse, other properties are basically close to the nickel-chromium alloy, the outstanding advantage is the price is relatively cheap, so it can be used as a repair of corrosion-resistant workpiece, can also be used as a transition layer thermal spray powder.

  3. nickel-chromium-boron alloy thermal spray powder: this alloy contains boron, chromium and carbon and other elements, the hardness is relatively high, toughness is also moderate, with spraying, its coating wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance is better, can be used for shaft, piston and other anti-corrosion repair.

  4. nickel-aluminum alloy thermal spray powder: nickel-aluminum alloy thermal spray powder is often used to hit the bottom layer, each of its particles is composed of microfine nickel powder and aluminum powder. When spraying, the thermal spray powder is heated to more than 600 degrees Celsius through the flame, and a strong chemical reaction occurs between nickel and aluminum, generating intermetallic compounds and releasing a large amount of heat, while some of the aluminum also oxidizes, generating more heat. At this high temperature, nickel can diffuse into the base metal, which can make the bonding strength of the coating increase significantly. Another remarkable feature of the nickel-aluminum composite thermal spray powder is the rough surface of the coating formed after spraying, thus providing an ideal surface for joining other sprayed materials. The coefficient of expansion of nickel-aluminum composite thermal spray powder is close to that of most steels, making it an ideal intermediate coating material as well.

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