Performance&application of forging&casting stellite alloys.(HY technical centre )

Forging and casting stellite alloy

  • stellite-6-tubeStellite alloy refers to cobalt chromium tungsten and cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy; according to performance classification: high temperature resistant cobalt alloy, wear resistant and aqueous solution corrosion cobalt alloy and heat resistant wear resistant cobalt alloy.

  • Stellite alloy has the common characteristics of cobalt-based alloy: resistance to cold and heat fatigue, cavitation resistance, low expansion, dimensional stability, and high heat hardness (hardness decreases slowly with increasing temperature).

  • For parts under high temperature wear conditions, choose Stellite alloy material. For impact requirements, choose forging stellite6B and 6K; for higher heat hardness, choose casting T-400; focus on pure wear, choose casting stellite20, stellite1, etc.; together with aqueous solution corrosion, choose casting stellite703; HY-industry The forged SC50 under development has certain toughness and the hardness of the material is increased to HRC50 under the premise of impact resistance.

High temperature resistant cobalt alloy

  • The mechanism of high temperature and oxidation resistance of the alloy is that it contains more than 20% of Cr content, and forms a dense Cr2O3 protective film in a high temperature oxygen-rich environment.

  • Forging alloys are Haynes 25 (L605), UNS R30605 heat resistant 1000 ° C; Haynes 188, UNSR 30188, using a temperature of 1050 ° C. Casting alloys are MAR-M509, FSX-414, UMCo-50; higher Cr content results in temperatures up to 1150 °C.

  • High temperature resistant cobalt alloys are used in the combustion chambers and afterburners, die casting and electrogalvanizing industries of aviation gas turbines. HAYNES 25 muffle and lining, filament for brush seal; HAYNES 188, combustor parts; UMCo-50, steel industry slider block.

Wear-resistant and aqueous solution corrosive cobalt-like alloy

  • These alloy compositions contain 5%-13% Mo, which is resistant to aqueous solution corrosion. Commonly used grades are Ultimet, UNS R31233 (5% Mo); stellite21, UNS R30021, (6%Mo); MP159, UNS R30159 (7%Mo); MP35N, UNS R30035 (10% Mo); stellite703 (12% Mo) .

  • Such cobalt alloys are often used in environments where aqueous solution corrosion and erosion corrosion coexist (pure resistance to aqueous solution corrosion, and Hastelloy corrosion resistance is superior). Such as: plating rolls, chemical nozzles and biomedical devices. STELLITE 21: Hydroelectric turbine and valve sealing surfaces; MP159, MP35N: engine valves, aviation turbine blades; ULTIMET: chemical industrial environment, valves, pumps, nozzles; HAYNES556 is excellent in sulfur-containing environments. Under the premise of heat resistance and wear resistance of stellite703, it is excellent in corrosion resistance of aqueous solution.

Heat resistant and wear resistant cobalt alloy

  • stellite-tubeHeat-resistant and wear-resistant alloys with excellent performance and wide application. These alloys have a hardness of HRC40 to HRC65 and a heat resistance temperature of 600 °C to 1200 °C.

Pure heat-resistant and wear-resistant cobalt alloy:

Casting stellite20 with stellite1

  • HRC40-65, elongation <1%. Wear-resistant grain wear, sliding wear, erosion wear. Carbide-reinforced, cobalt-chromium-tungsten composition, stellite12 (hardness HRC42); stellite20 (hardness HRC52); stellite1 (hardness HRC62); commonly used in small parts such as molds, blades, nozzles, seal rings. Hot stamping die and hot extrusion die for copper alloy and aluminum alloy; sealing ring, wear-resistant panel, bearing sleeve, grinding machine workpiece holder; propeller blade; metal cutting tool;

Heat resistant and wear resistant cobalt alloy with high corrosion resistance:

Casting stellite703

  • Hardness HRC56, elongation <1%, carbide strengthening, cobalt chromium molybdenum composition, stellite703, more than 10% Mo content, heat and wear resistance and corrosion resistance is better.

Heat resistant and wear resistant cobalt alloy with high heat hardness:

Casting TRIBALOY T-400

  • Intermetallic compound strengthening, cobalt chrome molybdenum silicon alloy TRIBALOY T-400, hardness HRC55, elongation <1%; higher heat hardness, used for gate valves, extruders, etc. in high temperature and strong corrosive media;

Heat-resistant and wear-resistant cobalt alloy with toughness and impact resistance:

Forging stellite6B and 6K

  • stellite-6BForging stellite 6B, hardness HRC40, elongation > 5%; forging stellite6K, hardness HRC45, elongation > 2%; stellite6B and 6K. Due to the increased plasticity of forging, the elongation exceeds 5% and 2%, and it has a certain toughness and impact resistance, and the performance is balanced. Used in aerospace, chemical, instrumentation, injection molding machinery, molds, molten metal and other fields of valves, valve seats, bearings, sinking rolls, guide rolls, sleeves; stamping extrusion hot forging dies, sawtooth, screw push rod, screw, Screw, chemical fiber cutting knife, thermocouple protection tube; automotive exhaust valve, steel industry hot processing tooling; and 3D printing cobalt chrome material powder tire frame.

Casting and Forging Taitai Alloy Material Reference

stellite-6B-lightHeat-resistant and wear-resistant environment that requires impact resistance.

  • Need to withstand the impact of the working conditions, corresponding to a certain toughness requirements. Forging stellite6B and 6K, the elongation is more than 5% and 2%, have certain toughness, can withstand impact, and become the first choice for such working conditions.

In a heat-resistant and wear-resistant environment where the impact is not obvious.

  • All kinds of pure heat and abrasion resistance, excellent performance in casting stellite20,1;

  • When hot hardness is required, casting TRIBLOYT-400 meets requirements;

  • High heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance Requirements, casting stellite703 is relatively suitable.

        The above cast materials have an elongation of <1% and are not resistant to impact.

Forging hydraulic SC50 in the development of HY-industry.

  • Forging deformation heat-resistant wear-resistant stellite alloy only stellite6B and 6K, hardness is HRC40 and HRC45, forging pressure SC50 in development, the goal is to improve the hardness of the material to HRC50 on the basis of maintaining a certain toughness.

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