Stainless steel for mobile phone

precision alloy for mobile phone (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

We all have the experience of repairing cell phones, right, in the cell phone repair store have seen the disassembly of the hand parts in some metal shiny plate you will think that is stainless steel material?

In fact, not, may be a soft magnetic precision alloy for mobile phone .

Soft magnetic precision alloy is in the weak magnetic field with high permeability and low coercivity of a class of alloy. These alloys are widely used in the radio and electronics industry, precision instrumentation, remote control and automatic control systems, integrated mainly for energy conversion and information processing in two major areas, is an important material in the national economy. Chinese national standard soft magnetic alloy has GB/T 14986.3 standard 1J21, 1J22, 4J29 (Kovar) and 1J27 and other grades.

We commonly use cell phones, disassembled inside many parts similar to stainless steel (shield, etc.), many are soft magnetic alloy, as well as NFC function also need soft magnetic alloy, there are other like filter inductors, wireless charging, automotive electronics switching power supply, broadband absorbers and high frequency absorbers are also commonly used.

Stainless steel for mobile phoneIn the factory, we commonly used solenoid valve, some of its parts are also used in soft magnetic alloy. Common grade 1J117, belongs to the corrosion-resistant soft magnetic alloy, is easy to magnetize under the action of the external magnetic field, the magnetic induction strength after the removal of the magnetic field and the basic disappearance of the magnetic alloy. Mainly used in oxidizing media and hydrazine media working in electromagnetic devices, in wet and aggressive media, without protective layer working in a variety of control devices, armatures, electromagnets, wind valves, hydraulic valves magnetic conductor.

In the national standard GB/T 14986.1, soft magnetic alloys are divided into four categories according to the main elements of the alloy: iron-nickel alloy, iron-cobalt alloy, iron-chromium alloy and iron-aluminum alloy, and each category is divided into many categories according to the composition and characteristics. Soft magnetic alloys are usually available in cold rolled strips, hot rolled sheets, cold drawn wire, hot rolled and cold rolled bars, etc.

Soft magnetic alloys (precision alloys) are also relatively expensive metal raw materials.

HY-industry has more than ten years experience in kind of precision alloy for mobile phone .

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