Shredded steel

Shredded steel

In people’s minds, the price of gold is very expensive, but China produces a material that can sell for hundreds of yuan per gram. A few years ago, it was a product monopolized by Japan and Germany, but now China occupies half of the country. Today’s protagonist is “Shredded steel”. The thickness is equivalent to five sheets of A4 printing paper, and the thinnest is only 0.015mm. Such thin steel can be torn apart by hand, so it is named “Shredded steel”.

Shredded steel manufacture

Shredded steel is widely used in high-end electronics, aerospace and other fields. There is no doubt that this material is very important. Needless to say, the status of Huawei’s mobile phone, the flexible screen mobile phone they develop needs to use Shredded steel . We all know that in today’s world, whoever grasps technological innovation will take the lead and gain an advantage. However, the development process of the technology that China has broken through is very complicated. Due to China’s late start, the process of this core technology is very difficult, and it has been in the hands of Japan and Germany. Four years ago, a young group in China formed the stainless steel “Shredded steel” innovative research and development team. You must know that many predecessors of this difficult technology finally gave up because of countless failures. During the time, after more than 700 failures, more than 170 equipment problems and more than 450 process problems were overcome, and finally 0.02mm stainless steel was successfully produced in 2018, which means that China has successfully broken the monopoly of Western countries .

Is it true or false that shredded steel is more expensive than gold? According to the price of shredded steel imported from Japan, a piece of shredded steel with the size of 100 yuan costs several hundred yuan. Shredded steel also costs about 100 yuan.

As a high-end product in the field of stainless steel plate and strip, stainless steel precision steel strip has excellent strength, precision, surface finish and other properties. It is used in aerospace, petrochemical, automobile, textile, electronics, home appliances, computers and precision machining industries Has a wide range of applications.

Size range of stainless steel precision strips

Different from conventional stainless steel sheets, precision stainless steel strips refer to cold-rolled stainless steel strips with special and extremely thin specifications. The thickness is usually less than 0.3mm, generally between 0.05 and 0.3mm, and the thinner ones are called stainless steel foils.

But this is not a strict distinction. The thickness of 0.3~1mm in many factories is also called “precision steel belt”. For example, the thickness range of the precision strip steel of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in China is between 0.02~0.5mm, while Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. calls the thickness range of 0.02~0.25mm stainless steel foil. The division of thickness is related to the production capacity of the manufacturer’s equipment and product positioning.

The width of the precision stainless steel belt is mostly below 610mm. Because the occasion of use is more delicate, the end user usually needs to divide the strip before using it (see the figure below). If the width is increased, the production difficulty will increase and the practical significance will not be great.

Dimensional accuracy of stainless steel precision strip

Precision steel strip is deep-processed from ordinary cold-rolled steel strip. Compared with ordinary cold-rolled steel strip, precision steel strip has higher precision.

Table: Comparison of Thickness Tolerance of Precision Strip Steel and Common Cold Rolled Steel Strip (for reference)

Stainless Steel Precision Strip

Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Strip





















For the tolerance requirements of thickness and width, stainless steel precision steel strip manufacturers follow different standards, adopting industry standards, equivalently using thicker stainless steel strip standards or according to the company’s own production standards, all three are very common. From the size of the tolerance value of the product, we can see the level of production capacity of the enterprise.

Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Precision Strip

In order to strictly meet the needs of different users, precision steel belts are graded for precision control. After the size reaches high precision, the mechanical properties must also meet the high precision requirements. Common hardness states are: ANN, 1/2H, 3/4H, FH, EH.

Surface state of stainless steel precision strip

Roughness Ra is an important index to measure the surface state. The surface state of the precision stainless steel strip has a very important influence on its appearance, performance and processing.

Among all cold-rolled strip products, precision steel strips have the highest surface requirements. The factory can use different processes to control the surface roughness parameters during the rolling process, so that the steel strip has a better surface state to meet the requirements of different fields.

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