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Structural features of high pressure flange steel gate valve.(HY-industry technical centre)

structure of high pressure flange steel gate valveHigh-pressure flange steel gate valve is suitable for cutting or connecting the medium on the pipelines of various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical and thermal power stations with nominal pressure PN10.0~25.0Mpa and working temperature—29°C~600°C. High-pressure flanged steel gate valves are suitable for: water, oil, steam, etc. The operation modes are: manual, gear transmission, electric, etc.

High-pressure flange connection steel gate valve product structure features:

  •  High-pressure flanged steel gate valve meets the requirements of advanced standards at home and abroad, with reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

  • The sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat is made of iron-based alloy surfacing or stellite 1,stellite 6,stellite 12, stellite 21 and other stellite series cobalt-based hard alloys, which are wear-resistant, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. It has good anti-scratch performance and long service life.

  • The valve stem of the high-pressure flange gate valve is tempered and surface nitrided, which has good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

  • The gate valve adopts wedge-shaped elastic ram structure, and the rolling bearing is set in medium and large caliber, which has small friction and easy opening and closing.

  • Various pipe flange standards and flange sealing surface types can be used to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.

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