welding for high temperature alloys

Plasma arc welding for high temperature alloys (HY-industry technical centre)

Plasma arc welding has the characteristics of high energy density, strong penetrating ability, narrow welding heat-affected zone and small deformation, as well as stable combustion and maintaining good stiffness under the condition of small current. It is suitable for various deformed superalloys. welding.
For example, when using tungsten inert gas shielded welding, it can only penetrate 2~3mm of high-temperature alloy at a time, while using plasma arc welding can penetrate 7~8mm of Incoloy 800 alloy at a time. Therefore, this method can realize the welding of thicker I-groove butt joints without adding filler metal.

welding for high temperature alloysPlasma arc welding adopts Ar gas or adding H2 in Ar gas as shielding gas and plasma gas. Adding H2 gas can increase the arc power and increase the welding speed. The amount of hydrogen added is generally ΦH25%~7%, ≤15%. Whether to add filler wire during welding depends on needs. The grade of the welding wire is the same as that of the corresponding grade alloy used in tungsten inert gas arc welding.

Plasma arc welding for high temperature alloys uses a steeply reduced external characteristic DC power supply, which is positive. The small hole method is used for thick plate welding, and the penetration method is used for thin plate welding.

The preheating before welding, the heat treatment state before welding, the heat treatment after welding and other matters needing attention are the same as those during tungsten inert gas shielded welding.

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