17-4PH strip

17-4PH strip

17-4PH is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel. The performance characteristic of 17-4PH is that it is easy to adjust the strength level, which can be adjusted by changing the heat treatment process. The precipitation hardening phase formed by martensitic phase transformation and aging treatment is its main strengthening means. 17-4PH has good attenuation performance, strong anti-corrosion fatigue and anti-water drop performance. After heat treatment, the strength can reach more than 1000MPA, and the strength is better than ordinary austenitic 304 and 316L. Its material has high hardness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Equal to 304, it is also widely used in electronics, petrochemical, medical, pulp and paper industries due to its good mechanical properties.

Production Specifications and Delivery Status

17-4PH cold-rolled steel strip produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd this time has a specification of 0.65*13 and is delivered in a solid solution state with a hardness of HRC34.

Material properties

  • The production difficulty of 17-4PH material is higher than that of austenite and martensite due to the material characteristics. It is very different from the ordinary austenite processing technology. After cold rolling, solution treatment is required, which requires high technology.

  • 17-4PH steel strip has relatively high requirements on materials, such as the purity of molten steel and the segregation of materials, so the production of steel strips is mostly produced by electroslag technology.

product variety

The cold-rolled 17-4PH steel strip produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd enriches the 17-4PH precipitation hardening product series of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd, and its material products have covered round steel (0.8mm–700mm), forgings, and plates , Square, rectangular steel, steel pipe, steel belt and other full range of products.

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