617 alloy

The United States approves “617 alloy” for use in high-temperature reactors (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has approved the inclusion of “Alloy 617” in the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. “Alloy 617” is a mixture of nickel, chromium, cobalt and molybdenum, which means that the alloy developed by the Idaho National Laboratory in the United States could be used in the proposed molten salt reactor, high temperature reactor, gas-cooled reactor or sodium-cooled rapid reactor. heap. This is the first new material added to the code in the US in 30 years.

The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code establishes design rules for acceptable stresses and specifies the materials that may be used in the construction of power plants, including nuclear plants. Adherence to these specifications ensures component safety and performance. The Idaho National Laboratory developed the “617 Alloy” in 12 years, and the US Department of Energy invested 15 million US dollars. Unlike light water reactors, which operate at around 290°C, proposed molten salt, high temperature, gas-cooled, or sodium-cooled reactors operate at 2 times that temperature or higher. Therefore, it is critical to determine how “alloy 617” behaves over time at a given temperature.

Now, designers of high-temperature reactors use a new material called “alloy 617”, which can make the reactor work in a larger range. It is said that the previously allowed high-temperature materials cannot be used above 750, while the “617 alloy” can be used up to 950. Therefore, “alloy 617” can meet higher temperature reactor design.

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