About L16/24 exhaust valve materialNimonic80A )selection(HY-industry technical centre)

Nimonic80A valve rodRecently, HY-industry’s special alloy long-term agreement customer that Nanjing International Marine Equipment & Spares Ltd. received feedback from many users. L16/24 diesel engine exhaust valve generally has ablation, short life and even chipping during use. The above problems are more serious in hot seasons and regions. The customer communicated with relevant technical experts on this issue and conducted related tests. The conclusion is that the frequent ablation of the L16/24 diesel engine exhaust valve is because the exhaust temperature of the machine is often as high as 400 degrees or more. At high temperatures, exhaust valves made only of ordinary martensite (4Cr9Si3) are extremely easy to fail, posing a huge hidden danger to the safe operation of the machine.

Nimonic80A applicationIn view of the large number of L16/24 diesel engines currently on the market, Nanjing International Marine Equipment & Spares Ltd. recommends that users use Nimonic 80A exhaust valves to solve the problem of exhaust valve failure. The exhaust valve made of NiMoNiC80A has the most reliable high temperature and corrosion resistance. While extending the service life of the valve, it can fundamentally avoid the situation that the valve may be broken or dropped, which may cause serious mechanical damage, which provides a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the machine. At present, a large number of shipping companies in China have used the NiMoNiC80A L16/24 exhaust valve manufactured by Nanjing International Marine Equipment & Spares Ltd., which is in very good condition.

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