HY-industry was invited to MAN to carry out technical exchanges(Nimonic80A material valves)


At the end of April, at the invitation of MAN DIESEL & TURBO, General Manager of CSSC Ding, General Manager of HY-industry Chen and his team went to Copenhagen headquarters for technical exchanges.

Nimonic80A material valves applicationDuring the exchange, the two parties conducted technical discussions on the key technologies in the quality certification of the company’s Duraspindle exhaust valve stem, the quality certification of supersonic spraying (HVOF) products, and the quality certification of Nimonic80A material valves. General Manager CSSC Ding introduced the current development progress of the shaft quality supersonic spraying (HVOF) technology and HY-industry Nimonic80A material valve quality certification. Mann Company fully affirmed the company’s equipment plan and preliminary test results. And recognition, and made many suggestions. Mr. Ding and his team also fully communicated with the engineers of Mann Company on the design of the four-stroke gas valve certification technology. Through communication, the procedures and related requirements of the four-stroke valve quality certification were clarified for the next four strokes. Prepare for gas valve quality certification.

CSSC has been committed to the development and application of new processes, and will continue to provide customers with cost-effective quality products in the future. This face-to-face technical exchange has achieved many important results, laying the foundation for the company’s subsequent success in passing MAN certification. .   In addition, in order to facilitate communication and smoother communication, the two sides agreed to establish a regular exchange mechanism in the future, and through regular visits and visits, strengthen “win-win” cooperation and promote common development.

MAN‘s workshop

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