Application of nuclear energy materials

Application of nuclear energy materials  (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

1  Application of nuclear energy materials for key equipment

Especially during 2007, in accordance with the requirements of the third-generation nuclear power independent strategy, through the implementation of the special projects for major nuclear energy components of “super large advanced water reactor and high temperature gasification” and “cold reactor nuclear energy”, it has achieved important nuclear power equipment materials and materials. China’s steam design technology, the realization of key equipment for production such as main pipelines; bulk materials), forgings, other welding materials, cables, coatings, and nuclear materials can be blank for China and solve some of the problems of imported products. The achievements and development of China’s nuclear materials are mainly divided into the following aspects.

1.1 PWR fuel cladding

At present, it has the manufacturing technology and capability of China’s reactor-type supporting fuel assemblies. Chinese production.

1.2 Main structural materials of PWR

China has completed the SA alloy steel sheet container for the reactor pressure and the core make-up tank and the SA alloy steel billet and the core stainless steel parts of the core make-up tank, and the SA 508 Gr for the Austrian-made flue gas, passive forging device and forging parts. .3 Chinese production and engineering application of Cl.1 -508 Gr.3 C22 low alloy steel forgings and austenitic stainless steel forgings. Completed the localization of the power disk material of the nuclear main pump, and solved the key problem of the main pump, which is blank in China. , and has a thin cooling host. Completed time and application of AP Heat Pipe’s series Inconel690 Alloy Tube for / China. The siding has been rumored to be a large diameter stainless steel body suitable for the core intelligence system. As well as large-diameter and pipelines, as well as large-diameter high-strength HDPE pipe fittings and accessories, it has formed a patented pipe technology with independent intellectual property rights, and has industrial application and export engineering application conditions.

1.3 PWR welding materials

Pressurized water nuclear island equipment is mainly used for main nuclear welding materials, which are usually divided into main and non-nuclear welding materials according to their important grades. Nuclear grade welding consumables have been deactivated. The performance and quality requirements of the main welding materials in China’s nuclear-grade parts are mainly dependent. 1) Low alloys: Welding materials used for safety first-class equipment such as reactor pressure vessels, steam generation, and stable steel import equipment rely on imports. 2) Stainless steel: The welding materials used for the inner wall of the main equipment of the nuclear island and the first-class equipment of pipeline safety mainly rely on imports. 3) Nickel-based alloy: At present, nickel-based alloy welding materials are completely dependent on imports 4) Carbon steel: It is used for welding of main equipment accessories of nuclear island, and has been produced in China.

1.4 High temperature cold reactor materials

Technological research and processing equipment such as high temperature reactor pressure vessels and internal metal structures have been carried out, breaking through the technical difficulties of manufacturing high temperature reactor cold reactor vessels. Overcoming key equipment design technologies such as main fans, steam generators, and fuel loading and unloading systems, the large-scale production of element elements has achieved a major breakthrough in the core technology of super elements.

1.5 Fast Reactor Materials

In the key aspects, the furnace has formed high-strength oxide dispersion-strengthened steel OD (S, martensitic steel, shell Austrian), the research progress of the oxide sensor exfoliation by dispersion method, and the development of cold reactor materials. Release time: 304LN, dry goods display Material 304LN, dry goods display material 304LN material 9Cr1MoV and 2.25Cr1MoV steel composition and heat treatment process research, smelting equipment and pipes that meet the standards for fast reactor engineering.

1.6 Fusion Reactor Materials

China’s active participation in ITER has been completed and promoted to the wall-mounted production plan, has successfully implemented the plan to manufacture super heat load /CuCrZr/316/316, developed the material structure of ITER grade vacuum hot pressing successfully, developed ITER grade vacuum hot pressing successfully 2018 On February 23, 23 with 23 with 23 with Chinese material technology, 23 with Chinese material fusion experiment performance testing, extensive research on diverter filters, W/RAFM welding and coating technology modules, W/body/Martens thermal load performance, Low-grade iron (RAFM) and other high-grade iron (RAFM) and other high-grade iron and steel (RAFM) research materials are maturing, and significant progress has been made in advanced materials.

1.7 Material evaluation test for Application of nuclear energy materials

With the support of the National Science and Technology Major Project “Large Advanced Water Reactor High Temperature Cold Reactor Nuclear Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant”, a nuclear-related equipment appraisal and material evaluation test platform has been established, which integrates equipment appraisal, material evaluation, and consulting services. Identification and material evaluation test platform equipment suppliers provide services and service menu suppliers, identification consultation and material testing and evaluation; various service simulation accidents, equipment aging and damp heat simulation, earthquake, vibration, etc., and detection analysis and calculation capabilities; Establish an efficient management system, quality assurance system and technical standard system.

The forthcoming material production and application demonstration platform (nuclear energy material construction), the establishment of public trust facilities for new material performance and resources for testing, step-by-step assessment and safety assessment in the national environment.

2 Problems existing in Application of nuclear energy materials

In the next decade or two, the third-generation and generation-reactor materials will become the key areas of China’s fourth-generation nuclear energy production.

2.1 Shell material

Help establish relevant methods to help establish relevant internal standard methods, but standard data sources and extensive databases, materials determine types of processing experimental methods, widely used to improve process improvement and improve extensive data peer-to-peer projects also Further research is needed to apply organizational analysis key technical capabilities to quality. ODS is a hot research topic at present. In this direction, the efficacy of anti-irradiation resistance in China can be improved, and China can do more research.

2.2 Large forging material for Application of nuclear energy materials

At present, although large-scale forgings for pressure vessels, steam generators and other equipment have been manufactured locally, there is still a certain gap between the quality stability and comprehensive performance of domestic large-scale forgings compared with the international advanced level. Japan, France and South Korea have mastered this technology. Technological blockade of our country.

The SA-508 Gr.3 series alloy steel forgings for pressure vessels and steam generators have reached the material performance limit, and the performance will be limited after further enlargement. Main pipe and wave pipe generally adopt solid forging and internal boring process, which have the disadvantages of difficult tube blank manufacturing, long cycle, coarse grain structure, low material utilization rate and high energy consumption. The canned main pump casing needs to carry out the technical research and development of forging and extrusion forming of the main pump casing, instead of the current casting production technology.

In the future, we will further optimize the manufacturing process of the existing large forgings from the aspects of optimizing the chemical composition ratio, improving the uniformity, improving the overall quality, improving the yield and improving the economy, so as to develop more severe working conditions (high temperature, High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and high specific strength materials in marine environment, high neutron flux, etc.) have laid a good foundation.

2.3 In-heap accessories, safety shell materials and welding consumables

300 series austenitic stainless steel is the material material. . Austenitic stainless steel is prone to appear stress stress stress stress corrosion corrosion corrosion corrosion corrosion corrosion corrosion Corrosion, Corrosion, Corrosion, Corrosion, Corrosion, Corrosion.

Steel containment SA-78 needed to use Gr.B 38 deficiencies, weight manufacturing and installation difficulties, further develop an alternative with higher performance, better low temperature performance.

The international new nickel-based welding consumables NiCrFe-13 and NiCrFe-14 have been developed and included in ASME Nickel C. On the basis of NiCrFe-7/7A nickel-based alloy welding materials, China has completed the Inconel690-based alloy electrode and the existing welding wire nucleating agent, which needs to be fully promoted and applied in the project. Carry out research.

2.4 Distiller heat transfer tube material

Steam steam generator heat pipes mainly include Incoloy8000, Inconel600 and Inconel60000 heat pipes in the heat pipe, but the surface of 00, 6, 6, 6, and 9 materials is currently the most suitable heat pipe for steam. In order to further reduce the release of corrosion products and the population during overhaul, the Inconel690 alloy tube is optimized by means of film formation.

2.5 High temperature cold reactor materials

At present, domestically produced hot products made from nuclear grade graphite require the lower limit of innovative manufacturing processes. stability.

In addition, in order to realize the Chinese production of high temperature and high temperature reactor steam manufacturing, it is necessary to carry out research on the Chinese production of Inconel625 high-demand materials.

2.6 Fast Reactor Materials

In the current key research, there are difficulties such as a large number of materials for heat supply and model analysis capabilities to be improved, and the amount of existing materials is insufficient, which meets the standards. There are deficiencies in performance indicators such as metal corrosion, pictographs, cyclic design in rapid changes, embrittlement due to expansion/creep, and extensive data on the impact of the entire shell material. Processing, starting, developing and developing high temperature and radiation resistance and superior performance in production of fast reactors, fast reactors, and aging materials, swelling and pumping materials resistant to impact agents and erosion main forces, low light / aging resistance, swelling / peristalsis As well as cladding structural changes, low embrittlement, erosion-corrosion cladding materials, corrosion-resistant, low vascular swelling/peristalsis fat endodenation, low brittleness materials.

2.7 Fusion Reactor Materials

The exhibits of Chinese fusion reactors have insufficient large-scale technology and key data for the evaluation of neutron layer images for different materials. It provides the most important changes in the research properties of new structural materials with higher performance requirements, and carries out long-term research work. The analysis of cladding materials and tritium transportability and tritium transport also needs to be strengthened.

2.8 Materials for small stacks

Small-scale water table reactions will bring about comprehensive innovations in nuclear energy systems. In addition to this, due to the abnormal pipe fittings manufactured in the small space type, further structural studies of the external structure of the pipe fittings (further pipe fittings, pipe fittings) and processing and inspection are required.

2.9 Resource integration in identification and testing of Chinese-made nuclear energy materials

The radiation guidance, long-term, special environmental protection materials, high-temperature textiles and other tests of China’s nuclear energy materials are relatively scattered and have not been integrated.

In order to ensure the reliable operation of China’s core group in the whole life safety assurance, the corrosion of materials and long-term problems are widely studied in China in terms of thermal fatigue, but the research is insufficient and must be paid attention to. There is currently no mature solution to the problem of mixing with heat.

2.10 The operation of each stage of R&D, manufacturing and inspection

R&D and design capabilities of materials The manufacturing process and evaluation of the R&D and design capabilities of materials from various processes such as process performance development and effective testing, usually evaluate the technical specifications of materials in the process of equipment R&D, which leads to the discovery of manufacturing process and The technical specification of the material has been increased during the manufacturing process and there has been insufficient time.

2.11 Standardization of materials made in China

Influenced by standards such as pressurized water units and ANS, China regularly refers to the standards of national organizations, such as IAEA, ISO, IEC International, French RCC, SME, IEEE, ASTM and other standards, resulting in different technical routes for equipment construction, The industry does not verify in-service inspection equivalence standards. In addition, some published standards for basic research and experiments have completed a unified combination of basic and technical work, reducing the applicability of the standards. Encouraging and nuclear energy materials industry is a technical specification, and it is necessary to formulate a material standard system in line with national conditions.

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