Precision Alloy production:1J50 strip

Precision Alloy production in china (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Before 1958, the precision alloys used in China were completely imported from Japan, the Soviet Union, West Germany and other countries.

Precision Alloy production:1J50 stripIn order to break the foreign blockade, Dalian Steel Plant (now part of Northeast Special Steel Group) has established a Precision Alloy production research and development team since 1958. In a simple workshop of less than 100 square meters, the technicians started to imitate simple permalloy with only one 30kg non-vacuum induction furnace and one 2-roll cold rolling mill. They read a large number of domestic and foreign technical materials about precision alloys, and produced 15 kg of soft magnetic alloys and expanded alloy strips in 3 grades that year. By the beginning of 1960, Dalian Steel Plant had imitated and developed 11 grades of precision alloy finished strips totaling 1,500 kilograms, filling the gap in China’s precision alloys.

The appearance of the first batch of precision alloy products marks that China’s precision alloy production has embarked on a new path. In April 1960, in order to revitalize China’s precision alloy profession, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry allocated a special fund to build the Dalian Steel Works Precision Alloy Research Institute, and regarded it as a national key engineering project – “The Seventh Five-Year Project”. On November 1, 1961, Dalian Steel Factory officially established the Seven-Five-two Research Institute. In December 1961, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry held the first precision alloy conference in Dalian. Representatives from more than 20 units from production, scientific research and use departments participated in the conference. The first precision alloy technical standard in China submitted by Dalian Steel Plant was awarded. passed. At the beginning of 1963, the precision alloy production of Dalian Steel Plant had begun to take shape, with 12 technical conditions and 35 grades; in the second year, the grades increased to more than 70, and the annual output reached more than 60 tons.

In May 1964, 9 precision alloy products produced by Dalian Steel Plant won the first prize for new products jointly issued by the State Science and Technology Commission, Planning Commission and Economic Commission. These products are: moment magnetic alloys, iron cobalt vanadium permanent magnet alloys, high elastic alloys, constant expansion alloys, low expansion alloys, iron chromium aluminum electric heating alloys, electrical thin strips and very fine wires, etc.

The production of precision alloys has always been valued and cared for by leaders of the party and the state. On June 30, 1964, Deng Xiaoping, Luo Ruiqing, Su Yu and other leading comrades visited Dalian Steel Plant. Deng Xiaoping praised the production process of capillary tubes, especially the ultra-fine filament products that are thinner than human hair.

HY-industry has more than ten years experience in precision alloy production.

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