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China’s 2 MW gas turbine was born, helping new warships.(HY industry technical college )

The gas turbine is an internal combustion type power machine that uses a continuously flowing gas as a working medium to drive the high-temperature alloy impeller to rotate at a high speed to convert the energy of the fuel into useful work. The gas turbine is small in size, quick in response, low in cooling requirements, and extremely widely used in applications. It is the heart of the energy power system and the jewel in the industrial crown. Both turbojet and turbofan engines, which are widely used in the aerospace industry, can be considered as light aviation gas turbines.

Gas turbines and aero engines are not only in principle, but also have similar materials (the main materials are nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, precision alloys). The level of aero-engines in a country directly affects the manufacturing level of its gas turbines. So it is not difficult to understand why China’s gas turbines first resorted to the United States and then introduced and learned to Ukraine.

An aviation expert once felt that Chinese aviation engines, including gas turbines, have always been copied and reproduced, and then continue to imitate the path of continued production.

Therefore, only by taking a new path of self-design and research and development, China is truly a “poverty-stricken” in the field of aero-engines and gas turbines. There has been good news in recent days, and the Chinese son who is proud of China’s power is coming soon.

Recently, China’s fully self-developed, officially designed 2 MW gas turbine has been shipped to Shanghai’s distributed energy station project site and entered the demonstration operation phase. Previously, the ZK2000 2 MW gas turbine has been running for 100 hours, completing a series of in-plant tests such as ignition test, full-speed no-load, full-speed full load, and fully met the design specifications.Although the starting point of the domestic 2 MW gas wheel is not high, its emergence is significant, indicating that China has begun to get rid of its dependence on foreign technology and is emerging from the strange circle of imitation and reproduction

The 2 MW class gas turbine will have a powerful effect on the strength of the Chinese Navy. We all know that modern large and medium-sized ships are full of various radar electronic devices, which puts high demands on the ship’s power supply level. In particular, large-scale surface warships such as the 052D and 055 type electronic devices have a higher demand for electricity. If you rely solely on a 30 MW class marine gas turbine main engine to generate electricity during navigation, it will inevitably lead to excessive fuel consumption, affecting the ability of continuous combat at sea, and will also disperse the propulsion power of the host.

Therefore, it is inevitable to use the domestically produced 2 MW class of low-energy gas turbines, adopt a distributed layout, share the workload of the mainframe, improve navigation economy, reduce energy loss, and enhance the ship’s ocean-going combat capability.

On the other hand, when the ship is in standby mode, one or several small gas turbines can be started as needed to provide continuous power support for the shipborne early warning radar and the combat center, and to effectively reduce thermal infrared radiation. It is also very beneficial to detect the probability of attack and improve the survivability of the battlefield.

Some friends may worry that the 2 MW gas turbine, although light and compact, can be distributed throughout the ship, but the power is not high. In fact, don’t worry, Chinese designers have already taken this into consideration. The domestic ZK2000 small gas turbine can increase the power to 10 MW through multiple combinations, which can fully meet the needs of auxiliary power generation, emergency start and silent navigation. In addition, thanks to the marine integrated power system developed by Major General Ma Weiming, coupled with China’s independent research and development of supercapacitors, and the strong complement of domestic gas turbines, the Chinese Navy’s all-electric warships are no longer a dream.

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