Stellite6B board for shield machine

Application of Stellite6B board for shield machine industry (HY-industry technical centre)

Shield machine industry status

As a symbolic product of the equipment manufacturing industry, the shield machine is the most advanced super-large special equipment for tunneling in the world today. In recent years, as China’s urban rail transit construction continues to heat up, the demand for shield machines is also increasing. According to statistics, as of December 31, 2020, a total of 44 cities in China have opened an urban rail operation mileage of 7,715.31 kilometers, and there are 5189 operating stations. Looking forward to the “14th Five-Year Plan”, China’s urban rail transit operating mileage is expected to increase by 5,000 kilometers, with an average annual increase of about 1,000 kilometers, and the total operating mileage will reach 13,000 kilometers by then. It can be seen that the next 5 to 10 years will usher in the peak development period of the subway, which will bring unlimited business opportunities to the shield market.

It can be predicted that if the service life of a shield machine is 10 km to 15 km, the annual demand of the Chinese shield machine market will increase by about 100 units. In addition, Chinese companies export about 30 units to India, the United States and other countries every year. In this way, the number of shield machines in the Chinese market is about 500 units. At present, the scale of China’s railway construction will increase by 90% from the original plan. It is expected that the scale of China’s railway planning during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period will further increase, and the construction of high-speed passenger dedicated lines and urban subways will enter a period of rapid development. At that time, the demand for track construction and construction equipment will usher in a peak. With the arrival of the country’s new round of subway construction boom, localization of shield machines to replace imports is the future goal and main task.

Stellite6B board is currently used for internal and external sealing of shield machines.

As one of the core components of the shield machine, the main bearing plays the role of supporting the shield cutter head and turning it to break the rock. The sealing system is a key component of the main bearing. The system is located at the front end of the main bearing to prevent mud from entering Main bearing. Because it is an underground operation, the sealing system is difficult to replace in the tunnel. If the main bearing gear oil leaks or mud particles enter the gear box due to seal damage or excessive wear clearance during construction, the main bearing or gear may be caused Damage will cause immeasurable losses to the shield machine. Therefore, the material of the main bearing seal plays an important role in extending the life of the seal and ensuring the normal use of the shield machine. The materials currently used by Chinese companies require an average of three replacements of internal and external seals every 10km. The stellite 6B is currently the material used by mainstream foreign shield machine manufacturers, and its performance has attracted great attention from Chinese shield machine manufacturers.

Stellite6B is a high toughness and wear-resistant material with reliable mechanical properties. Compared with other materials that sacrifice toughness and achieve wear resistance, Stellite6B can have the best of both worlds. The key is that the material undergoes comprehensive thermal processing to transform brittle and hard wear-resistant ingots. It is a high toughness and wear-resistant material. Stellite6B has excellent wear resistance, high temperature hardness, good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. It is the material of choice for most harsh processing applications. If high-impact pulp agitators, critical directional drilling tools or aerospace parts are used in the processing process, Stellite6B has excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties, and can withstand the most demanding processing processes.

Market status and prospects

At present, domestic shield machine manufacturers are actively trying to use 6B plates for internal and external sealing, which is still in the early test stage. Many parameters and welding techniques are still being explored.
The average boring distance of the domestic shield machine is 10km. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, the subway mileage of 13000km is estimated. In the next 5 years, the demand for shield machine in China may reach 800. If a stellite 6B sheet with a thickness of 1.5mm is selected, the inside and outside of a single shield machine will be used. The average weight of the sheet used for sealing is 60kg, and the future demand will be greater.

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