Cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy stock in October 2019: stellite6b, stellite6k, etc.(discount information)

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Due to environmental reasons in China, recent production is unstable. In order to solve the problem of delivery period, HY-Industry will prepare the cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy in October 2019. Please contact WhatsApp to communicate 15800616388, and inform the common specifications, so that inventory will be more targeted, thank you very much!

The latest inventory of cobalt chromium tungsten series:

Recently stellite6b test report:

stellite6b black leather forging bar specifications:
Ф22, Ф25, Ф28, Ф30, Ф35, Ф38, Ф40, Ф50,Ф55,Ф60,Ф70,Ф75,Ф90,Ф95,Ф108,Ф122,Ф130, etc.;

stellite6b black leather forging bar

stellite6b black leather forging bar

stellite6b black leather forged sheet specifications:
Board 12*80*L;
Board 16*70*L;

stellite6b black leather forged sheet

stellite6b black leather forged sheet

stellite6K black leather forged sheet specifications:

stellite6k black leather forged sheet

Overall large deformation forged cobalt alloy (cobalt chromium tungsten, CoCrW)

Performance characteristics of cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys

Wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant; resistant to cold and heat fatigue, impact resistance, low expansion, dimensional stability.

Deformed wear-resistant cobalt-based alloy (production method)

Compared with casting, powder and local deformation, in the forging (completely large deformation) mode, the material is fully deformed in all directions, and the toughness and performance consistency are simultaneously improved to meet the requirements of impact toughness; data show that deformation ( Forging) wear-resistant cobalt-based alloys are available in two grades, namely stellite6B and stellite6K, with hardness of 33/43HRC and 43/47HRC respectively; HY-Industry overall large deformation forging STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K are 45HRC and 48.9HRC respectively. ;

Application field (high temperature wear and corrosion resistance)

The overall large deformation forging, wear-resistant cobalt alloy STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K can be used in aerospace industry, chemical industry, hot-dip galvanizing industry, instrument industry, injection molding machinery, mold industry, high temperature and high pressure valves, fluid valve seats, bearings, sinking rolls, Guide rolls, stamping dies, extrusion dies, etc.; hot forging dies, serrations, screw pushers, screws, screw rods, chemical fiber cutting knives, molten metal working conditions, thermocouple protection tubes under various wear conditions, and other high temperatures Parts in wear and corrosion resistant environments.

Forged structure makes STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K have excellent wear resistance, good impact and thermal shock resistance; excellent thermosetting, return to room temperature, hardness recovery of alloy: agitator and drilling tool; aerospace parts; turbine blade; No lubricant sliding contact conditions, etc.

STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K are resistant to various corrosive media and can be used in food machinery and chemical equipment. STELLITE6K is especially suitable for cutting edges, various cutting knives and scrapers.

STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K have excellent thermal oxidation resistance. The high temperature has little effect on the hardness, toughness and dimensional stability of STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K. It is a good choice in the field of high temperature forging die.

STELLITE6B and STELLITE6K standard heat treatment process: 1230 ° C, air cooling.

STELLITE6B has a hardness of 40HRC, no magnetism, and a specific gravity of 8.4g/cm3. Low thermal conductivity is 2% of copper at room temperature.

HY-industry is qualified  Nickelalloy&cobalt alloy materials supplier.

We have more than twenty years experience in kind of High temperature alloy production.

Stellite series is a mature product successfully debugged by our technical team after five years.

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