HY-Industry participates in the 6th Annual Meeting of Metal Materials and Welding Technology of Thermal Power Plants

(HY-industry technical centre)

On October 9, 2019, the 6th Annual Meeting of Metal Materials and Welding Technology for Thermal Power Plants, hosted by China Power Technology Network, was held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. HY-Industry experts were invited to attend the conference and make special speeches.

With the gradual increase of the parameters of the thermal power plant unit, more attention has been paid to the metal materials used in power plants and their welding performance. The exchange meeting hosted by China Power Technology Network provided valuable exchange and learning opportunities for industry experts and colleagues. The meeting first discussed the performance of 700 °C new metal materials, and also addressed the common problems of thermal power plants such as S30432 for power station boilers. The intergranular corrosion of the heat-resistant steel tube and the early fracture failure analysis of the Nimonic 80A bolt were discussed. HY-Industry experts were invited to participate in this conference. The special report was made on the topic of “Spiral turbine P91 air pipe intubation weld and crack and elimination in heat affected zone”, which was fully affirmed and recognized by the participating experts.

Through the study and exchange of this conference, HY-Industry metal professional technicians have further understood the latest developments in the industry, found their own deficiencies more comprehensively and objectively, and also learned from the advanced experience of their peers to achieve the improvement of professional and technical strength.

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