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HY-Industry special titanium alloy industrialization project for high-end equipment is fully completed.(HY-marketing department)

special titanium alloy product equipmentOn the morning of September 27, 2019, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as HY) was officially completed and put into operation in the 80 MN large-scale fast forging unit in the Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone. HY Chairman Ms Grace Chen, General Manager Ferguson Lu, unit project supplier Germany SMS Group (SMS) Project Director Thomas Steffes, Jiangsu ToLand Alloy Co., Ltd. General Manager Wan Jie attended the completion ceremony. Since then, the HY “Industrialization of Special Titanium Alloy Materials for High-end Equipment” project has been completed and completed. The company has officially produced an annual production capacity of 6000t of high-performance special titanium alloy bars and 2000t of high-performance high-temperature alloy bars.

  • This 80 MN large fast forging unit that was completed and put into production was designed and manufactured by the German SMS group. Under the close cooperation of HY forging workshop, production management, equipment management department and gathering equipment company, from May to December 2018, the installation and commissioning was completed in 7 months, which created the international advanced level produced by the German SMS group. The fastest record of installation and commissioning of fast forging units, successfully achieved the arrival of the year, installation in the same year, and put into operation that year.

  • The production of this equipment will completely solve the capacity bottleneck of HY large-size high-strength titanium alloy, and at the same time fully meet the forging requirements of the company’s high-performance high-temperature alloy rods, and effectively protect the countries of aircraft, engines, ships, nuclear power, gas turbines, etc. The future of key models is urgently needed. It is estimated that in 2020, HY’s high-performance titanium alloy and superalloy products will increase in volume.

  • special titanium alloy product equipmentIn addition, at the mid of 2019, HY also made breakthroughs in the independent research and development of titanium alloy smelting equipment. Its subsidiary Zhangjiagang Guangda Special Material CO.,LTD successfully developed the “light vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace” independently developed by a university. The test, the fully automated smelting process is stable, the surface quality of the ingot is perfect, and all technical indicators have reached the design value. The type electric arc furnace has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, high precision of melting parameter control, energy saving and high efficiency of power supply, wide application range of materials preparation, etc., and is suitable for research and development of research institutes, and can fully meet the demand of master alloy refining batch production. . This is another important breakthrough HY has made in the field of high-tech equipment products, which can provide new equipment upgrade guarantee for the innovative research and development and industrialization of China’s new materials industry.

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