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HY-Industry successfully supplies Inconel 600 material to Dytran, USA,(HY-marketing department)

Recently, HY-Industry successfully signed a $200,000 Inconel 600 material supply contract with Dytran Corporation of the United States, which laid a solid foundation for HY’s future business expansion in the field of ultra-high temperature sensors.

The contract, which includes tubing and wire, will be used in the manufacture of the Dytran 3262C ultra-high temperature charge accelerometer.

Inconel 600 parts for Dytran 3262CDytran 3262C takes vibration testing in high temperature environments to a new level with operating temperatures up to +649 ° C – a breakthrough product in the sensor field! The maximum temperature can withstand 760 ° C in a short time. The sensor is laser-welded and uses the patented Silver WindowTM silver window technology to avoid opening the sensor and isolate the case from the ground. It can isolate the “ground loop” interference. It is engine test, vibration health monitoring, turbine and nuclear power plant vibration test. Ideal for applications such as it.

Product Features:

Patented Silver WindowTM Silver Window: The “silver window” on top of the accelerometer housing allows diffused oxygen molecules to pass through at high temperatures, replenishing oxygen to the internal crystal while maintaining laser weld integrity. This innovation allows the sensor to lose insulation resistance due to high temperature and oxygen deprivation, ensuring continuous and reliable operation of the sensor.

The outer casing and internal components are made of superalloy Inconel 600. This metal alloy has better electrochemical compatibility with steels and alloys used in high temperature applications, thus avoiding electrochemical corrosion of the test structure.

The ARINC mounting base ensures a robust sensor, ensures structural durability and is highly resistant to susceptibility and heat sensitivity.

Enclosure isolation, differential output, avoiding “ground loop” interference

Operating temperature up to 649 ° C, short-term withstand temperature up to 760 ° C

Inconel 600 parts for DytranApplication areas:

  • Engine test

  • Vibration health monitoring

  • Power station, turbine

  • nuclear power plant


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