INCONEL 600 superalloy strip 0.015mm

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd successfully produced 0.015 mm thick INCONEL 600 superalloy strip (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Recently, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd successfully produced 0.015 mm thick INCONEL 600 superalloy strip, and all performance indicators of the product meet the requirements of military industry standards. The successful production of this product has filled the gap in the production of related domestic fields and laid a foundation for Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd to further expand the market of high-precision new products.

INCONEL 600 steel is a nickel-based solid-solution-strengthened superalloy. This alloy has good thermal strength and high plasticity below 800°C, and has good high-temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance below 1000°C. It can be used to make rockets Engine nozzle extension section, aero-engine high-pressure compressor, high-pressure guide vane orifice plate, sealing plate, reactor control rod, etc.

It is understood that this product is customized for an aero-engine customer. Before that, the specification of INCONEL 600 strip that could be produced in China was only about 0.1mm. Customers have high requirements on the high temperature performance of the product, coupled with the complex composition of the product, high cold rolling pressure and processing deformation resistance, the rolling is very difficult. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the first production, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd technicians carried out production technology research, consulted a large number of relevant materials, carefully designed the production process, followed up and guided the whole process of production, strictly controlled each process, and finally successfully completed Production task of 0.015 mm thick INCONEL 600 thin strip. After inspection, the performance, dimensional accuracy, shape and surface quality of the product all meet the standard requirements. After the product was delivered, it was highly praised by users.

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