Inconel 617 Alloy

Inconel 617 Alloy (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Inconel 617 is a nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy with excellent high temperature strength and oxidation resistance. This gives the alloy excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in a variety of corrosive environments. Inconel 617 also benefits from ease of manufacture and ease of soldering when using conventional soldering techniques.

Inconel617 mechanical properties

Density: 8360 kg/cu m

Melting range: 1332-1377°C

Specific heat at 78°F (26°C): 419 J/kg-°C

Resistivity at 78°F (26°C): 1.223 μΩ-m

Inconel617 main features

• Increased strength and stability at elevated temperatures

• High temperature corrosion resistance

• Easy to manufacture

• Good weldability for most conventional welding techniques

Typical ingredients of Inconel617



































Inconel617 corrosion resistance

The composition of Inconel 617 includes substantial amounts of nickel, chromium and aluminum, and is highly resistant to yangization and carburization at high temperatures. These elements, along with the molybdenum content, also enable Inconel 617 alloy to withstand many wet corrosive environments.

Inconel617 application areas

•power plant

•gas turbine

• Air valve assembly

• Reformer tubes

• Boiler tubes

• Petrochemical plant

• Burner

• Ducts and linings

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