Kovar strip

Kovar strip yield increased significantly (Tech Center of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Recently, the epidemic is raging and the logistics is not smooth. On the basis of summarizing the previous production experience, the technical department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd has optimized the process parameters of smelting, forging, rolling, and pickling. The technicians conducted in-depth exchanges and communication, solved the problems in the process in time, and finally successfully completed the warehousing task of Kovar strip, and the 11 batches of Kovar strip yield reached 84.84%, a historical record.

Kovar strip, as the “Shanghai Key Famous Brand” product of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd, has been widely praised in the fields of aerospace, defense industry and civil electronic technology in my country. Internal control requirements are high. In order to ensure the smooth storage of this batch of contracts, the technical quality department has made a fine process planning, and assigned a person to track the whole process. One is to strengthen the gas content control and electroslag feeding control in the smelting process, which has laid a good quality foundation for the next process; the other is to rely on the equipment advantages of precision forging machines in forging steel plants to ensure high dimensional accuracy and surface quality of product blanks. The third is to produce high-quality Kovar strip with the help of the rolling equipment of the first rolling mill.

In the next step, the company’s technical staff will continue to accumulate relevant data and experience in production processes such as smelting, forging, and hot rolling, and take advantage of the partial shutdown of the factory during the epidemic in Shanghai to carry out technical research, and strive to improve production efficiency and product quality. Constantly explore and innovate , to make new breakthroughs.

Kovar strip ( 4J29 ), as the “Shanghai Key Famous Brand” product of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd, has stable production and quality over the years and is widely praised by international customers.

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