Konsac 10 ton furnace

Started production of new equipment for cobalt-based difficult-to-deform alloys

(HY-marketing departmentes)

Beginning in 2019, HY-Industry’s own funds will contribute 30%, Ministry of Science and Technology will contribute 60%, and Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality will contribute 10%. Three new equipment that Konsac 10 ton furnace, 6 & 4 hammer head isothermal (It is specially designed to develop cobalt – based refractory alloy), which has been successfully commissioned as of March 31, 2020. Now that the new crown epidemic is unprecedentedly severe, HY-Industry will supply more cobalt-based nickel for national key projects Base ultra-high-end materials.



HY-industry is qualified  Nickelalloy&cobalt alloy materials supplier.

We have more than twenty years experience in kind of High temperature alloy production.

Inconel 718, Monel 400,Stellite 6,Stellite 12,Incoloy 800ht,Incoloy 901,Nimonic 80A,Kovar,Invar 36,Inconel 625,Hastelloy C276, Incoloy 825 are mature productes of us.

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