NiFe Alloy 1J117

Short Introduction:

  • NiFe Alloy 1J117 is suitable for the solenoid valve core working in the atmosphere, steam, gas, salt spray, ammonia and other environments, but also for the production of electromagnetic clutches, micro-motors and so on.


    NiFe Alloy 1J117

    1J117 precision alloy with a density of 7.77g/cm3 is a stainless corrosion-resistant soft magnetic alloy, which is the international brand 00Cr17NiTi. It is a precision alloy. It is a magnetic alloy that is simply magnetized under the effect of an external magnetic field. The magnetic induction intensity basically disappears after the magnetic field is removed. It has a high magnetic permeability and high resistivity. 1J117 precision alloy has excellent comprehensive properties in the temperature range of -253°C to 700°C. When the temperature is below 650°C, 1J117 precision alloy has the best yield strength among deformed alloys and has good processing properties. performance and welding performance.

    1J117 precision alloy has the main characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction intensity, low residual magnetic induction intensity, and corrosion resistance in water vapor, salt spray or hydrazine media. Soft magnetic alloy is a type of alloy with high magnetic permeability and low coercive force in a weak magnetic field. Since 1J117 precision alloy is a magnetic temperature compensation soft magnetic alloy, the magnetic induction intensity changes sharply with temperature changes within the ambient temperature range. It is widely used in the field of manufacturing magnetic shunt compensation components in electromagnetic circuits and permanent magnet circuits.

    Chemical composition:


    Chemical composition(%)






















    Characteristic as below:

     1J117 has a high magnetic induction, low coercivity, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

    Processing conditions and application:

    At the application level, 1J117 precision alloy is widely used in the radio electronics industry, precision instrumentation, remote control and automatic control systems. It is mainly used in energy conversion and information processing, mainly in oxidizing media and hydrazine media. Electromagnetic devices working in humid and corrosive media without a protective layer, various control equipment, including armatures, electromagnets, pneumatic valves, magnetic conductors of hydraulic valves, and magnetic conductors that are affected by media, temperature, and pressure. Solenoid valves, etc. in various control systems that work under the conditions.

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