NiFe Alloy 1J77

Short Introduction:

  • 1J77 is suitable for producing pulse transformer, high sensitive relay, magnetic amplifier, choke coil, etc.



    NiFe Alloy 1J77

    1J77  Material grades and equivalents:





    USA Magnetics



    MumetalPermimphy 1Permimphy 2Permimphy 5Permimphy 6Permimphy C

    MumetalVacopermUltraperm 10Ultraperm 200Ultraperm 300Ultraperm F80Ultraperm 200TKUltraperm Z

    Mumetal M2, M2+Supermumetal SM2Supermumetal SM150, 250Supermumetal SM300

    MumetalRound NiFe Alloy  80SuNiFe Alloy Square NiFe Alloy  80

    HyMu 80 HyMu 77HyMu 80ⅡHyRa 80

    Chemical composition:


    Chemical composition(%)
















    Characteristic as below:

    With high initial permeability and the maximum magnetic permeability and low coercive force .

    1J77 precision alloy is a common soft magnetic alloy material, which has the characteristics of high magnetic permeability, low coercive force, stable magnetic properties and low hysteresis loss. Because of its precise characteristics under high-frequency AC magnetic field, it has a wide range of applications in the fields of electronics industry, communication industry, aerospace industry and so on.

    The main components of 1J77 precision alloy are elements such as nickel, silicon and iron, which have high heat distortion temperature and strong corrosion resistance. At the same time, the material is easy to use, and the required parts can be manufactured by processing and forming. The following are the main characteristics and applications of 1J77 precision alloy.

    1J77 precision alloy has high resistivity and magnetic permeability, so it has good magnetic permeability in high-frequency AC electromagnetic field. In the electronics industry and the communication industry, this feature is very important because they usually require a lot of inductive components such as high-frequency transmission coils and transformers, and these components require materials with high magnetic permeability and good magnetic properties to ensure the performance and stability of the components .

    1J77 precision alloy is characterized by low coercive force and low hysteresis loss, so it has important applications in electronic equipment such as transformers and inductors. This feature can improve the efficiency of electromagnetic components, while making these components more compact and power efficient.

    Since 1J77 precision alloy contains elements such as nickel, silicon, and iron, its composition has high stability and good corrosion resistance, so it can be used in various chemical environments. Due to this characteristic, it is widely used in fields such as oil and gas drilling and extraction.

    In addition to the above characteristics, 1J77 precision alloy has other applications. In the field of power and electronics, it is used to manufacture electromagnetic components such as transformers, inductors and high-frequency coils. In the aerospace industry, 1J77 precision alloy is used to manufacture high-precision components such as precision instruments and controllers. In the military field, it is used to manufacture core components of high-tech products such as missiles and satellites.

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