NiFe Alloy 3J53

Short Introduction:

  • NiFe Alloy 3J53  used to make various forms of mechanical filter vibrator.


    NiFe Alloy 3J53

    3J53 is a small frequency temperature coefficient constant elastic alloy. It has high elastic modulus and strength, low elastic modulus temperature coefficient, and good wave speed consistency.

    3J53 precision alloy has good cold and hot processing properties. In the solid solution state, it has good hardness, good plasticity, good performance, easy to cut, drill, tap, cold strain deformation and forming, etc., and can bend cold drawn wire materials. , good winding performance. 3J53 precision alloy is not suitable for stamping or bending in the aging state, and within the aging temperature range, as the aging temperature increases, the precipitation strengthening effect is enhanced. The surface oxide scale after heat treatment can be combined with alkali leaching and pickling. method to clear.

    3J53 precision alloy has moderate corrosion resistance in the solid solution state. Reddish-brown spots will appear when placed in the atmosphere for a long time. Under industrial atmosphere and marine climate conditions, its corrosion rate is less than 0.025mm/year.

    3J53 precision alloy has good hot and cold processing properties. The hot processing temperature is 1130℃ to 1180℃ and should not be lower than 950℃. The intermediate softening and quenching of cold working can be carried out between 950°C and 1100°C. The intermediate softening treatment of filaments and thin foil strips should be carried out under a protective atmosphere. 3J53 precision alloy strip can be deep drawn, and cold strain state strip can be stamped at a small strain rate. 3J53 precision alloy has better welding performance in the solid solution state than in the aging state, and can be used for argon arc welding, plasma arc welding, electron beam welding, and laser beam welding.

    3J53 precision alloy has poor soldering performance with low-temperature solder and needs to be brazed with copper and silver-based solder, which has good soldering performance. Welding above the aging temperature of 3J53 precision alloy should be performed after solid solution treatment and post-weld aging treatment. Welding below the aging temperature (not exceeding 750°C) can be performed after aging treatment.

    NiFe Alloy 3J53 Chemical composition:




























    3J53 precision alloy can be smelted according to the application requirements using the following centralized methods: vacuum induction furnace smelting, non-vacuum induction furnace smelting plus electroslag furnace melting, vacuum induction furnace smelting plus vacuum consumable furnace remelting, and non-vacuum induction furnace plus vacuum consumable furnace. Furnace remelting.

    At the application level, 3J53 precision alloy is mostly used in elastic sensitive components and has been widely used in aviation. It is mainly used for elastic sensitive components subjected to tension, compression, and bending stress and frequency components for longitudinal rejection or bending vibration modes, such as various sensitive components, pressure sensors, signal torque and deflection sensors that require constant elastic modulus (or frequency). It can also be used to manufacture membrane boxes, diaphragms, vibrating cylinders, bellows, precision springs, tension wires, super-mechanical filters, etc.

    3J53 precision alloy products are usually supplied in the form of cold drawn wire, cold drawn bar, cold drawn polished bar, cold rolled strip, solid solution soft state strip, cold processed pipe, hot forged or hot rolled round bar, flat bar, etc. Customization is also acceptable.

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