Deformation behavior and strengthening and toughening mechanism of Inconel 718 alloy(GH4169) under multi-field coupling.(HY-industry technical centre)


Theoretical support: Key Laboratory of Material Anisotropy and Texture, Ministry of Education, Northeastern University

From 2019 to September, he was operated by HY-industry and the technical guidance of Northeastern University. The deformation behavior and strengthening mechanism of nickel-based Inconel 718 (GH4169) alloy were studied under the coupling of pulse current/temperature/stress. The results show that under the pulse current/temperature/stress, the Inconel 718 (GH4169) alloy has reduced deformation resistance and plastic deformation ability. The introduction of pulse current at high temperature exacerbates the atomic thermal vibration and the metal lattice Pereils force, which reduces The deformation resistance of the alloy enhances the coordination ability of the plastic deformation of the alloy. When Inconel 718 (GH4169) alloy is coupled with pulsed current/temperature field for aging treatment, the high temperature strength and toughness of the alloy can be significantly improved. The pulse current/temperature coupling effect increases the density of vacancy defects in the alloy matrix and promotes the precipitation of a large amount in the subsequent high temperature deformation process. Several nanometer-scale new γ” phase strengthening phase, and the synergistic effect of the γ” phase precipitated and roughened during the pulsed current/temperature field coupling aging treatment and its new precipitation of nanometer-scale γ” in the high temperature deformation of the alloy Achieved toughening.

The pulse current stress-strain curve of the GH4169 alloy coupled field stretching at different stages of stretching and recovery is as follows:

The pulse current stress-strain curve of the Inconel 718 alloy coupled field stretching at different stages of stretching and recovery is as follows:


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