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Stellite 6 supersonic spray.(HY-industry technical centre)

Publicity of scientific research Achievements

Recently, by the practice of HY-industry, the Stellite 6 supersonic spray comparative experiment conducted by the Institute of Polymer Science and Materials of East China University of Science and Technology has concluded the comparative experiment.

Stellite 6 supersonic spraySupersonic laser deposition (SLD) is a new coating and fabrication process in which a supersonic powder stream produced by cold spray (CS) impinges on a substrate simultaneously heated by laser irradiation. Due to laser heating, the range of materials deposited in SLD process can be expanded to higher strength materials which are usually hard or even impossible to be deposited solely by CS. Stellite 6 coating prepared by SLD and laser cladding (LC) are studied and compared in terms of macro- morphology, microstructure, interface dilution and micro- hardness. The results show that the original nature of the impacting particles remains in the SLD Stellite 6 coating, and its microstructure is different from the coarse dendritic microstructure of LC Stellite 6 coating. The dilution rate of LC coating is about 12% , while no macroscopic dilution zone is found in supersonic laser deposition coating. The heat- affected zone of supersonic laser deposition shrinks compared with that of LC. The average microhardness of Stellite 6 coating produced by SLD is 694 HV0.2, which is 1.45 times higher than that of LC Stellite 6 coating.

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