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Inertial friction welding process of superalloy GH4169/Inconel 718. (HY-industry technical centre)

GH4169 (Inconel 718) alloy has good comprehensive performance in the temperature range of -253~700 °C. The yield strength below 650 °C is the first in the deformation superalloy and has good fatigue resistance, radiation resistance, oxidation resistance and internal corrosion resistance. In addition, it has good processing properties, welding properties, and can manufacture a variety of complex shapes and components, and is widely used in aerospace, nuclear, petroleum and extrusion molds.
The main process parameters affecting the stability and forming effect of the friction welding process are welding pressure. For GH4169 (Inconel 718) alloy, a large welding pressure is required, followed by welding energy (speed and inertia synthesis), and a certain section is welded. For the material, sufficient energy must be supplied and matched with a large pressure to obtain a good joint. For a bar with a diameter of 20 mm, the main points of the four-bar concrete GH4169 (Inconel 718) alloy inertia friction welding process parameters are shown in Figure 1. .
Inconel 718 (GH4169)The weld center of GH4169 (Inconel 718) alloy inertia friction welding is fully recrystallized equiaxed fine austenite with randomly distributed NbC. The weld bead is a mixed crystal structure that is not completely recrystallized. No molten cast structure was seen in the weld zone. The heat affected zone is an austenitic structure with a direction of frictional rotation.
According to the ASME112 standard, the grain of the joint is evaluated, and the grain in the weld zone of the friction weld is refined. Due to the proper process parameters, the weld zone has the temperature and deformation of recrystallization, reaching 14 fine grains, which is equivalent to foreign countries.

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