Forged stellite6B bar

Forged stellite6B


Forged stellite6B composition, mechanics and hardness

High performance is based on pure ingredients and homogeneous structure

Composition + organization determine material properties. Ingredients are used to define the material of forged stellite6B. Mechanical properties are used to confirm the forging structure. The purity of the ingredients means that the various elements must be within the agreed range, and it also means that the gas content and various impurities (such as O, N, P, S, etc.) are as low as possible. The forging process not only breaks the coarse casting structure, but also homogenizes the structure.

Forging stellite6B standard, strength and toughness are lower limits rather than ranges

The lower limit is given instead of the range, that is, under the premise that the elongation is >5% (casting elongation <1%), the higher the strength, the better, and the higher the hardness, the better. The reason is that forged stellite6B, as a high-temperature wear-resistant alloy, pursues higher strength and toughness.

Forging stellite6B standard, hardness 33-43HRC

It can be understood as hardness>33HRC. When the standard for this material was formulated, due to the technical level at the time, the hardness was far less than 43HRC. Hardness 33-43HRC, such a wide hardness range, is not an acceptance standard; at the same time, high-temperature wear-resistant materials require higher strength and toughness, the better, and the higher the hardness, the better. Therefore, SHANGHAI HY INDUCTRY CO., LTD’s forged stellite6B, bar stock The end face hardness is stable at around HRC41.

Forged stellite6B, heat treatment before use is not recommended

For forged stellite6B alloy, the effect of changing the structure through heat treatment is not obvious, and the heat treatment process is not well controlled, but the strength, hardness and other indicators are reduced. If the product really requires a specific hardness range, the corresponding heat treatment process must be formulated based on factors such as the target hardness, product processing process, and product size to remove cold processing stress. We recommend using vacuum heat treatment. It should be noted that the hardness test has an allowable error range, which is generally ±1.5HRC.


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