fiber laser cutting machine cutting high temperature alloy parts

What is the difficulty of fiber laser cutting machine cutting high temperature alloy parts (HY-industry technical centre)

Because superalloy is a kind of material with high hardness and high temperature resistance, it is difficult to ensure the cutting accuracy when cutting with fiber laser cutting machine. Compared with ordinary steel, what is the difficulty of processing high temperature alloy with fiber laser cutting machine?

  1. Poor thermal conductivity of superalloy: A large amount of heat generated when cutting superalloy parts is borne by the oxidizing end, and the cutting end is subjected to cutting high temperatures as high as 600-800℃. Under the action of high temperature and laser cutting, the cut end will be deformed. Bonding and diffusion wear, affecting the quality of workpiece processing;

  2. The processed surface is easy to harden: For example, the substrate hardness of GH4169 (Inconel718) high temperature alloy before strengthening is about HRC37. After the fiber laser cutting machine is cut, the surface will produce a hardened layer of about 0.03mm. The hardness increases to about HRC47, and the degree of hardening increases. As high as 27%, the surface hardening caused by processing has a great influence on the life of the oxidation end, and it usually produces severe boundary wear;

  3. Large cutting force is required: the strength of high-temperature alloy parts is more than 30% higher than that of commonly used alloy steel materials, and the strength of nickel-based high-temperature alloy materials is still higher than that of ordinary alloy steel materials at high temperatures above 600 ℃, and the high temperature without strengthening treatment The alloy unit cutting force is above 4000N/mm2, while ordinary alloy steel only needs 2500N/mm2.

Above is the difficulty of fiber laser cutting machine cutting superalloy, and it is also the technical problem that the current industry urgently needs to solve. I believe that this problem will be effectively solved in the near future and promote the development of the entire laser cutting machine industry.

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